William Gilbert’s profile picture

William Gilbert

21 May 2018   |   Scientists

William Gilbert was bornon 24 May 1544 in Colchester, British, is Astronomer, Physicist and Physician. William Gilbert, also known as ‘Gilberd’, was a famous researcher in magnetism. He was famous dur...

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Antony Hewish’s profile picture

Antony Hewish

8 May 2018   |   Scientists

Antony Hewish was bornon 11 May 1924 in Fowey, Cornwall, England, British, is Radio Astronomer. Antony Hewish is a British radio astronomer, best known for his discovery of the first pulsar. Born in t...

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Otto Wilhelm von Struve’s profile picture

Otto Wilhelm von Struve

4 May 2018   |   Scientists

Otto Wilhelm von Struve was bornon 7 May 1819 in Tartu, German, is Astronomer. Otto Wilhelm von Struve was a 19th century Russian astronomer who pioneered the study of double stars and contributed gre...

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J. Allen Hynek’s profile picture

J. Allen Hynek

28 April 2018   |   Scientists

J. Allen Hynek was bornon 1 May 1910 in Chicago, American, is Astronomer, Ufologist. Dr. Josef Allen Hynek was an American astronomer and ufologist most famous for his research on UFOs (unidentified f...

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Caroline Herschel’s profile picture

Caroline Herschel

13 March 2018   |   Scientists

Caroline Herschel was bornon 16 March 1750 in Hanover, Germany, German, is Astronomer. Caroline Herschel was a German astronomer who contributed significantly in the field of astronomy. Her most signi...

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Galileo Galilei’s profile picture

Galileo Galilei

12 February 2018   |   Scientists

Galileo Galilei was bornon 15 February 1564 in Pisa, Italian, is Astronomer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Rebel Scientist, Physicist. Often remembered as the Father of Modern Astronomy, Galileo Galilei...

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Joseph Louis Lagrange’s profile picture

Joseph Louis Lagrange

24 January 2018   |   Scientists

Joseph Louis Lagrange was bornon 25 January 1736 in Turin, Piedmont-Sardinia, , is Mathematician and Astronomer. Joseph Louis Lagrange was a famous mathematician and astronomer, born in Italy towards...

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Carl Sagan’s profile picture

Carl Sagan

18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Carl Sagan was bornon 9 November 1934 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S., American, is Astronomer, Astrophysicist, Writer. Carl Edward Sagan was an American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astro-bio...

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Johannes Kepler’s profile picture

Johannes Kepler

18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Johannes Kepler was bornon 27 December 1571 in Weil der Stadt, German, is Astronomer, Mathematician & Astrologer. Johannes Kepler was a famous German mathematician and astronomer who discovered the ov...

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Tycho Brahe’s profile picture

Tycho Brahe

18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Tycho Brahe was bornon 14 December 1546 in Knutstorp Castle, Sweden, Danish, is Astronomer. Tycho Brahe was a Danish astronomer, noted as much for developing many fine astronomical instruments as for...

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Edmond Halley’s profile picture

Edmond Halley

18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Edmond Halley was bornon 8 November 1656 in Haggerston, Shoreditch, London, England, British, is Astronomer. Edmond Halley was a British astronomer and mathematician, known for calculating the orbit o...

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Anders Celsius’s profile picture

Anders Celsius

18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Anders Celsius was bornon 27 November 1701 in Uppsala, Swedish, is Astronomer, Physicist, Mathematician. Anders Celsius was a Swedish astronomer, physicist and mathematician who proposed the Celsius t...

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