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Michael Collins

Net Worth is $100 Million
18 January 2018   |   Miscellaneous

Michael Collins was bornon 31 October 1930 in Rome, American, is NASA Astronaut, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 11 (the spaceflight that landed the first humans on the Moon). Michael Collins is one o...

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Sally Ride

23 May 2018   |   Scientists

Sally Ride was bornon 26 May 1951 in Los Angeles, California, U.S., American, is Physicist, Astronaut. Sally Ride was an American physicist and astronaut who achieved iconic status by becoming the fir...

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Franklin Chang Díaz

2 April 2018   |   Scientists

Franklin Chang Díaz was bornon 5 April 1950 in San José, Costa Rican, American, is Former NASA Astronaut. Franklin Chang-Diaz is a physicist and former NASA astronaut. He was enamored by the idea of b...

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Peggy Whitson

6 February 2018   |   Scientists

Peggy Whitson was bornon 9 February 1960 in Mount Ayr, Iowa, United States, American, is Astronaut, Biochemist. Peggy Annette Whitson is an American biochemist and astronaut who holds the record for m...

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Neil Armstrong

18 January 2018   |   Miscellaneous

Neil Armstrong was bornon 5 August 1930 in Wapakoneta, American, is American astronaut. History was created when Armstrong put his left foot on the surface of Moon, thus becoming the first ever man to...

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Sunita Williams

18 January 2018   |   Miscellaneous

Sunita Williams was bornon 19 September 1965 in Euclid, Ohio, United States, American, is Astronaut. Sunita Lyn Williams is an American astronaut and former US Navy officer. She first became a naval t...

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Roberta Bondar

18 January 2018   |   Physicians

Roberta Bondar was bornon 4 December 1945 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canadian, is Astronaut & Neurologist. Roberta Bondar or Roberta Lynn Bondar is the first Canadian woman to travel into space. Sh...

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Bjarni Tryggvason

18 January 2018   |   Scientists

Bjarni Tryggvason was bornon 21 September 1945 in Reykjavik, Canadian, Icelander, is Astronaut. Bjarni Tryggvason is a former Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut who served as a Payload Specialist o...

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Bart Sibrel

18 January 2018   |   Miscellaneous

Bart Sibrel was bornon 15 December 1964 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States or Dayton, Ohio, American, is Conspiracy Theorist. Bartholomew Winfield Sibrel is an American conspiracy theorist and fil...

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Shawna Pandya

23 December 2017   |   Scientists

Shawna Pandya was born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canadian, is Citizen-Scientist Astronaut. Shawna Pandya is a Canadian citizen-scientist astronaut and aquanaut candidate with project ‘PoSSUM’ and project...

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