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Zarakh Iliev

Zarakh Iliev’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $3.2 Billion
Industry: Real Estate
Residence: Moscow, Russia
Country: Russia
BirthDay: 8 September 1966
Sigh: Libra
Children: 2

Zarakh Iliev was bornon 8 September 1966 in Moscow, Russia, Russia. Zarakh Iliev is #715 in List Billionaires People In The World. In 2016 Zarakh Iliev and his partner, billionaire God Nisanov, bought land in the center of Moscow, not far from the Kremlin, where they plan to build hotels. The partners own nearly 14 million of square feet of real estate in Moscow including a 225-acre wholesale distribution center, Food City, that they developed to look like such cities as Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Mexico City. They also own several shopping centers on Moscow's outskirts. Their minority business partner, Ilkham Ragimov, graduated from Leningrad State University in the same class as President Vladimir Putin. They opened Moscow's Moskvarium, said to be Europe's biggest aquarium, with 8,000 sea creatures and seven pools where visitors can swim with dolphins, in 2015. Iliev and Nisanov were born in the same village Krasnaya Sloboda in Azerbaijan's mountains. They started business together in early 90s and share all their assets equally and split everything down the middle. Due to an error, Iliev was listed at $3 billion when he should have been listed at $3.1 billion, same as Nisanov.


$1.1 Billion


$2.4 Billion


$3 Billion


$3.6 Billion


$4.3 Billion


$3.2 Billion


$3 Billion


$3.2 Billion

Zarakh Iliev Bension (born 8 September 1966 in Krasnaya Sloboda, Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR) is a Russian billionaire property developer.Zarakh Iliev was born in Azerbaijan.Together with his business partner, fellow Azerbaijani God Nisanov, Iliev started by building markets near metro stations in Moscow and later turned these into shopping centres in the early 1990s. They later diversified into building hotels in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia and have real estate totalling 14 million square feet. For example, they acquired the Lotus City shopping centre in suburban Moscow in 2013.Nisanov and Iliev own the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow and the Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow. In 2005, Nisanov acquired the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow, a luxury hotel formerly known as the Ukrainian Hotel and commissioned by Joseph Stalin, for £59 million during an auction.He is married with two children and lives in Moscow, Russia.
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