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Yvonne Bauer

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Net worth 2018: $3.35 Billion
Residence: Hamburg, Germany
Country: Germany
BirthDay: 1976

Yvonne Bauer was bornon 1976 in Hamburg, Germany, Germany. Yvonne Bauer is #743 in List Billionaires People In The World. Yvonne Bauer is the fifth generation of her family to run Bauer Media Group, whose portfolio includes some 600 magazines, 400 digital products and 100 radio and TV stations worldwide. The company traces its roots to 1875, when lithographer Johann Andreas Ludolph Bauer opened a print shop for business cards in Hamburg. Yvonne's father, Heinz Heinrich Bauer, began the company's international expansion with the 1981 launch of the first weekly women's magazine in the U.S., Woman's World. (Other Bauer titles include In Touch and First for Women.) Today, Bauer -- Europe's largest magazine publisher, focused primarily on a female demographic -- has a presence in more than 20 countries, with approximately 10,000 employees and annual revenues exceeding $2.4 billion, approximately two-thirds of which are derived from markets outside of Germany. Yvonne Bauer studied German philology at the University of Bamberg and went on to apprentice at the publishing house Hoffmann und Campe, before starting her career at Bauer in 2005. She took the reins in 2010, after her father transferred 85% of the business to her. She is the second-youngest of four daughters: sisters Mirja, Nicola and Saskia also work at Bauer, with each owning 5% of the group. Although "We think popular" is the company's tag line, reflecting its passion for interpreting popular culture, Yvonne can be outspoken on weighty issues such as press freedom. "To preserve this freedom and ensure that we will remain free to choose what we want to read in the future," she declared in a note on Bauer Media Group's home page, "we will have to interact with one another in a tolerant and open-minded fashion. By endorsing this campaign in our magazines, we are putting down a clear marker in support of freedom of the press and freedom of expression." In 2014, Yvonne Bauer married Enno Koch, a German television journalist and producer. They have one-year-old twins.


$2 Billion


$2.4 Billion


$3.5 Billion


$2.8 Billion


$2.6 Billion


$2.8 Billion


$3.35 Billion

Yvonne Bauer (born 1976/77) is a German billionaire businesswoman, the fifth generation to head up Bauer Media Group.Yvonne Bauer is the daughter of Heinz Bauer and Gudrun Bauer. She received a bachelor's degree in German philology from the University of Bamberg.She was apprenticed at the publishers Hoffmann and Campe, before joining Bauer in 2005. In 2010, she became the CEO, after her father transferred 85% of the company to her and 5% to each of her older sisters, Mirja, Nicola and Saskia. She also serves as the publisher of Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG.As of December 2017, Forbes estimated her net worth at US$3.2 billion.In 2014 she married Enno Koch, a German television journalist and producer. They have twins, and live in Hamburg.
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