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Yu Huijiao

Founder and Chairman, Shanghai YTO Express (Logistics)
Yu Huijiao’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $4.86 Billion
Industry: Logistics
Residence: Shanghai, China
Country: China

Yu Huijiao was born in Shanghai, China, China, is Founder and Chairman, Shanghai YTO Express (Logistics). Yu Huijiao is #521 in List Billionaires People In The World. Yu Huijiao chairs Shanghai-listed YTO Express Group, one of China's largest express delivery firms. Sixteen years ago unpaid customer bills left Yu Huijiao's architectural firm bankrupt; it took a decade to pay back creditors. During that period, Yu decided to start his delivery business with help from his wife.


$3.6 Billion


$4.86 Billion

Yu Huijiao (Chinese: 喻会蛟; pinyin: Yù Huìjiāo) is the founder and chairman of YTO Express (Chinese: 圆通快递), a Chinese express courier service.After the failure of his architecture firm, Yu founded a courier service to help pay his bankruptcy bills. Initially, he and his wife had 15 employees who delivered packages by bicycle in Tonglu County, near Hangzhou. As of 2017, YTO Express employs over 22 thousand people across mainland China and Hong Kong, with an annual net income of 1.4 billion RMB (~213 million USD). Yu remains chairman of the company.According to Forbes, Yu is personally worth 3.4 billion USD as of 2017, however, the combined wealth of his immediate family is 7.5 billion USD. Forbes listed Yu's wife, Zhang Xiaojuan (Chinese: 张小娟), as the 12th richest self-made female billionaire in the world.
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