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Yousef Saleh Erakat

YouTube personality, comedian, prankster, rapper, vlogger, motivational speaker
Yousef Saleh Erakat’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $3 Million
Industry: YouTubers
Residence: Fremont California
Country: United States
BirthDay: 22 January 1990
Sigh: Aquarius
Height: 1.77 m
Education: San Jose State University (theatre arts major)

Yousef Saleh Erakat was bornon 22 January 1990 in Fremont California, American, is YouTube personality, comedian, prankster, rapper, vlogger, motivational speaker. With over 9 million subscribers on YouTube, Yousef Erakat is an innovative user of the video sharing media who creates entertaining and provoking videos. These have garnered a large viewership across the globe, especially among the Middle Eastern diaspora. He has created videos in a variety of formats, including fitness videos, pranks and motivational talks. His videos are always daring and innovative, they try to look at things or do things from a different angle. Erakat is a hands-on comedian who makes himself a part of the show. He is willing to try new acts and take on different or novel topics, and always brings an entertaining and bold approach to whatever he undertakes. He is also a rapper and released his first single ‘Prideland’ in 2015. He operates through multiple YouTube channels—the most popular one being fouseyTUBE—and is extremely active on all of them, and still retains a freshness and innovativeness. He is also a fitness enthusiast.


$3 Million

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