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Vladimir Scherbakov

Vladimir Scherbakov’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1.4 Billion
Industry: Automotive
Country: Russia
Children: 1
Education: Master of Science, Togliatti State University; Doctorate, Higher Komsomol School of the Central Committee of the Komsomol

Vladimir Scherbakov was born in Russia. At the end of the Soviet era in 1990, when Vladimir Scherbakov was 40, he was appointed first deputy prime minister of the USSR and head of its economic planning agency, Gosplan. Then in 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet state, he founded the International Investment and Privatization Fund, to help privatize companies in Russia and other former republics. Five years later he founded Avtotor Holding, which assembles foreign cars in Kaliningrad Oblast while enjoying the tax benefits of a special economic zone. In 2013 Avtotor built 244,000 vehicles and became the second-biggest car maker in Russia, after AvtoVAZ. In October 2013 Avtotor and BMW began building the first of 21 planned factories in Kaliningrad. Five will manufacture cars. Avtotor and BMW have each already invested $490 million (360 million euros) in the project.


$1.1 Billion


$1.4 Billion


$1.4 Billion


Shcherbakov played his only game for USSR on September 4, 1965 in a friendly against Yugoslavia


Vladimir Aleksandrovich Shcherbakov (Russian: Владимир Александрович Щербаков) (born 1945 in Moscow; died 1993 in Moscow) was a Soviet football player

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