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Vladimir Nabokov

Vladimir Nabokov’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1.9 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Saint Petersburg
BirthDay: 22 April 1899
Sigh: Taurus
Died On: July 2, 1977
Education: BA French and Russian Literature, Trinity College, Cambridge University (1922)

Vladimir Nabokov was bornon 22 April 1899 in Saint Petersburg, American, Russian, is Novelist. Vladimir Nabokov was a renowned Russian-American novelist. Stylistic prose, drawing from personal experience, a healthy disdain for comparison, the rejection of individualism, or a successful combination of all of them endeared Vladimir Nabokov to his readers. Sometimes, controversial works of art lose their magic with time. However, this author’s most notoriously famous work has not stopped to fascinate movie makers, playwrights, translators, publishers, critics, reviewers and even the humble reader. Although his earliest works were in Russian, once his works were translated, he became a distinguished author in English as well. A methodical man by nature, his writings are interwoven with complex plots, literary devices and clever word play. There were several instances in his life when he was not satisfied with his output or when he was unable to successfully complete what he set out to write. Paradoxically, he held literary convention in contempt; this is the only point which his critics, continue to focus on. He also received much flak for focusing on language and detail and not on character development as his plot progressed in novels. He was not only a remarkably shrewd author but he was also a distinguished lepidopterist and the creator of a number of chess problems.


In 2009, ‘The Original of Laura’, his unfinished novel, was published by his son Dmitri


He died in Montreux, in 1977 due to severe bronchial congestion


From 1970 to 1976, he authored, ‘Transparent Things’, ‘Look at the Harlequins!’, ‘Tyrants Destroyed and Other Stories’, ‘Lolita: A Screenplay’ and ‘Details of a Sunset and Other Stories’, before his death


In 1969, he authored ‘Poems and Problems’, which included a collection of his poems and 18 chess problems


In 1964, he cemented his stature as a literary critic through the four-volume translation and commentary of Alexander Pushkin's epic, ‘Eugene Onegin’


The controversial ‘Lolita’, written in 1955, spawned two film adaptations, one musical, four stage-plays, one completed opera and two ballets


In 1941, he joined Wellesley College to serve as resident lecturer in comparative literature


But in 1940 as France was about to fall to Germany during the World War II, the Nabokov family fled to the United States and settled in Manhattan


In 1937, he moved to France from Germany and settled in France


In the 1930s, he wrote ‘Zashchita Luzhina’, ‘Kamera Obskura’, ‘Otchayanie’, ‘Priglasheniyenakazn’; ‘Vozvrashchenie Chorba’ and ‘Sogliadatai’ (collections of short stories and poems), and the play ‘Izobretenie Val'sa’


He married Vera Evseyevna Sloniminl in 1925; their son, Dmitri, was born eleven years later


It was also listed on Time’s list of ‘100 best English-language novels from 1923 to 2005’ and ‘100 Best Novels of the 20th Century and 100 Best Books of All Time’


In 1920, the family moved to Berlin, but after his father’s assassination in 1922, Nabokov’s mother and sister moved to Prague


After the family lost its estate to the October Revolution in 1917, the family fled to Crimea, Livadiya, Western Europe and settled briefly in England

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