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Violeta Chamorro

Political leader
Violeta Chamorro’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $97 Million
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Rivas, Nicaragua
Country: Nicaraguan
BirthDay: 18 October 1929
Sigh: Scorpio
Height: 1.63 m

Violeta Chamorro was bornon 18 October 1929 in Rivas, Nicaragua, Nicaraguan, is Political leader. Violeta Chamorro was born in Nicaragua to a wealthy family with a history of political involvement and controversy. She grew up during a politically charged time, as the two major political parties warred within Nicaragua. She was well-educated and moved to the United States for a portion of her early years to attend school and learn English. When she came back to Nicaragua, a return prompted by the death of her father, she soon met Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, who was leading the politically charged newspaper ‘La Prensa’ at the time, and married him. When her husband was assassinated, she took over ‘La Prensa’ and dedicated her life to politics. She became deeply involved in politics and joined a ‘Sandinista Party’. After a fall-out, she shifted parties and the newspaper shut down. She joined the United States-funded ‘Contras Party’ and later was nominated as a presidential candidate. She was backed by the United States and won office, thus effectively ending civil war in Nicaragua. Though her policies and changes were not always popular, but her work to establish democracy and peace among the divided parties in Nicaragua are the highlights of her political career. She retired from politics at the end of her presidential term


$97 Million


Her term ended in 1997, and she did not run again, removing herself from politics at that time


In 1992, funding from the United States was cut off


In 1990, she was put up as a presidential candidate for the ‘National Opposition Union’


Upon her husband Pedro Joaquín Chamorro's assassination, she took over his leading role at the newspaper ‘La Prensa’ in 1980 which was strongly against the then Nicaraguan leader Anastasio Somoza García


They were driven into exile in 1957 for a period of time


She married in 1950 to Pedro Joaquín Chamorro and had five children with him


Violeta Barrios Torres de Chamorro was born on October 18, 1929 in Rivas, Nicaragua into anaffluent family

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