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Vint Cerf

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Net worth 2018: $37 Million
Residence: New Haven
Country: United States
BirthDay: 23 June 1943
Sigh: Cancer
Education: 1972 - University of California, Los Angeles, 1970 - University of California, Los Angeles, 1965 - Stanford University, 1961 - Van Nuys High School

Vint Cerf was bornon 23 June 1943 in New Haven, American, is Engineer. Vint Cerf is one of the most significant scientists, of contemporary times, who has been instrumental in designing and developing the TCP/IP protocols along with engineer Bob Kahn. After completing his schooling he took up Mathematics as a subject and earned a bachelor’s degree in it. After this he got a job as systems engineer and then directed his attention to computer science and premeditated on the subject in his post-graduation. He trained under the tutelage of some eminent scientist and himself did some important research during his university days. His encounter with electrical engineer Robert E. (Bob) Kahn presented a new world of possibilities before him and these two scientists together made significant contribution to the world of science. They worked day in and day out and their hard work and patience paid when they designed the basis of internet, that is, the TCP/IP protocols. Cerf worked with many scientific associations and helped them develop and enhance their efficiency. This visionary scientist even outlined the future of technology after he became the Chief Internet Evangelist of Google. He and Kahn made some of the most important advancements revolving around internet, and it is because of these two people that the world is now considered a global village.


$37 Million


In 2012, he was chosen as the President of the ‘Association for Computing Machinery’ (ACM) for a two-year term


This accomplished engineer has been a member of the Governing Board of the ‘Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’ (SGIP) from 2009 to 2011


In 2008, he worked with the ‘IETF’ (Internet Engineering Task Force) as the chairperson of the ‘Internationalized domain name’ (IDNAbis)


In October 2005, he was appointed as the Vice President of the multinational technology company ‘Google’


In 1999, he became a member at the ‘Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’


He collaborated with the ‘Gallaudet University’ in 1997 by becoming its trustee as well as a member of its ‘Board of Associates’


In 1994, he joined the ‘MCI Communication’ once again and was appointed as the Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy


The two engineers, Cerf and Bob Kahn, together initiated the ‘Internet Society’ in 1992


In 1982, he was appointed the vice president of ‘MCI Digital Information Services’, where he headed the operations of the ‘MCI Mail’, which was a commercial email service


He joined the ‘Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’ (DARPA) in 1976, and continued to conduct researches there for the next six years


In 1972, he earned a doctorate in computer science from the ‘Stanford University’


During the same time, he also pursued his master’s degree in computer science from the ‘University of California’, Los Angeles (ULCA) which he completed in the year 1970


In 1966, Cerf married Sigrid, and is blessed with two children David and Bennett


He completed his bachelor’s degree in 1965, from ‘Stanford University’, California, with mathematics as his subject


He was born on 23rd June, 1943, in New Haven, Connecticut, US, to Vinton Thurston Cerf and Muriel (née Gray)

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