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Victor Borge

American-Danish comedian
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Net worth 2018: $10 Million
Industry: Musicians
Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark
BirthDay: 3 January 1909
Sigh: Aquarius
Died On: December 23, 2000
Education: Royal Danish Academy of Music

Victor Borge was bornon 3 January 1909 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Danish, American, is American-Danish comedian. Borge Rosenbaum, popularly known as Victor Borge, was an American comedian, music conductor and pianist who was once called ‘the funniest pianist on earth’ by the Washington Post. He was popularly known for his one-man show called ‘Comedy in Music’, an original Broadway show that set his name in the Guinness Book of Records for being the longest running show in the history of theatre. Borge was famous for entertaining his audience with a unique and queer mixture of comedy and music. He was born in Denmark in a family of musicians and inculcated the love for music since a really young age. He started conducting his concerts as a young man and soon mixed his comic routine with it but during the World War II he had to run away to America where he had to quickly adapt to the American ways and the American humor to make his name in the entertainment business. He became a phenomenon on the television with his ‘The Victor Borge Show’ and the several appearances that he made on the television on shows like ‘Toast of the Town’, ‘Sesame Street’, etc. Borge remained in the entertainment business for 75 years and continued touring 60 times per year even when he was 90 years old.


$10 Million


Borge died in Greenwich, Connecticut, at the age of 91 in 2000, in his sleep


The Royal Danish Orchestra celebrated its 550th anniversary and appointed Borge as an honorary member in 1998


In 1979, Borge founded the American Pianists Association with Julius Bloom and Anthony P Habig


In 1953, Borge outdid himself with the most famous creative venture of his entertainment career, ‘Comedy in Music’, at John Golden Theatre in New York City


Many times during 1948, Borge on several occasions, joined Ed Sullivan, an entertainer, writer and television host, on his show Toast of the Town, one of the greatest TV variety show of all times


In 1946, he started getting more and more success and recognition in the industry, majorly because of the success of his show ‘The Victor Borge Show’ on NBC Network


He won the Best New Radio Performer of the Year in 1942


He became a part of Rudy Vallee’s radio show in 1941


Borge moved to America in 1940, owing to Nazis occupation of Denmark during World War II


Borge got married to Elsie Chilton in 1933 and adopted two children: Ronald and Janet with her but the marriage did not last very long and he again got married to Sarabel Scraper in 1953 and had two children with her: Victor and Frederikke


In 1926, Borge played his first big concert at the Danish Concert hall’s The Old Fellow’s Lodge building


Being a prodigy in piano, just like his mother, he was awarded a full scholarship at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1918

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