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Udo & Harald Tschira

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Net worth 2018: $12.05 Billion
Industry: Technology
Country: Germany

Udo & Harald Tschira was born in Germany. Udo & Harald Tschira is #127 in List Billionaires People In The World. Klaus Tschira, one of the five co-founders of German software giant SAP (Systems, Applications, Products) AG, passed away in 2015 at the age of 74. He left his fortune to his two sons, Harald and Udo Tschira, who will also carry on the activities of the Klaus Tschira Foundation, one of Germany's largest philanthropic organizations. In 1972, Tschira and four colleagues left IBM to found German software company SAP (Systems, Applications, Products), which went public in 1988. Tschira retired from the company in 1998, and stepped down from its supervisory board in 2007. SAP has over 80,000 employees worldwide and generates annual revenue in excess of $23 billion. For many years in its estimate of Tschira's net worth, Forbes excluded the value of SAP shares held by his charitable foundation, believing them to be irrevocably owned and controlled by a charity. It turned out that the foundation, founded in 1995, is a limited liability company with a charitable purpose, over which the Tschira family (under the legal umbrella of the Klaus Tschira Community of Heirs) has full control. The Klaus Tschira Stiftung (KTS) -- located at the Villa Bosch in Heidelberg, Germany, the former residence of Nobel Prize Laureate for chemistry Carl Bosch -- will maintain its name in Klaus Tschira's memory. As of April 2015, it had provided over $350 million in funding and in-kind donations to promote the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science in schools and extracurricular settings, as well as to support research projects by young scientists and improve the communication skills of scientists.


$9.3 Billion


$11 Billion


$12.05 Billion

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