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Tony Blair

Prime Minister of Britain
Tony Blair’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $77.1 Million
Residence: Edinburgh
Country: British
BirthDay: 6 May 1953
Sigh: Gemini
Height: 1.83 m
Education: St John's College, Oxford (1976), Fettes College, Chorister School, Durham, University of Oxford

Tony Blair was bornon 6 May 1953 in Edinburgh, British, is Prime Minister of Britain. Tony Blair (Anthony Charles Lynton Blair) was one of the youngest and the longest serving Prime Ministers of Britain, belonging to the Labour Party. Like many of his predecessors, Blair’s tenure as a Prime Minister was predominant with controversies and during his tenure, he was even accused of war crimes. He rebuked the conventional style of politics followed by his party and under his leadership his party came to be known as the ‘New Labour Party’. He implemented several socio-economic reforms to alleviate poverty and bring down unemployment, while focusing on elevating the living standards of people. He also showed great concern for environmental hazards, such as global warming, which his predecessors had overlooked. However, his decision to lead Britain to several wars, especially the ‘War on Terror’ declared by the U.S., put him at odds with his party as well as his countrymen. He was often criticized for extending unconditional support to the invasions carried out in the Middle East by the US. Both, his party members and the public were enraged by his decision to engage England in wars, as it, according to them, not only violated human rights and disrupted peace, but also exhausted a substantial amount of Britain’s financial reserves.


$77.1 Million


In 2010, his memoir titled, ‘A Journey’ was published; it is one of the fastest-selling autobiographies of all times


This famous politician had a son in May 2000 and became the first serving British Prime Minister in 150 years to have a child


On 29 March 1980, Blair married Cherie Booth and the couple has four children


After completing his graduation in 1975, he entered ‘Lincoln's Inn’, where he joined as an apprentice under Lord Chancellor, Alexander Irvine


His father was a famous attorney who ran for the parliament as a Tory in 1963, but, after suffering a serious stroke he became mute and had to abandon his political dreams


Tony Blair was born to Leo and Hazel Blair and was raised in Durham, England, where he attended ‘The Chorister School’ from 1961 to 1966

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