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Net worth 2018: $13 Million
Residence: Pieve di Cadore
Country: Italian
Died On: August 27, 1576

Titian was born in Pieve di Cadore, Italian, is Painter. Titian was an Italian painter and one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance period. Considered as the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school, Titian painted works for King Philip II, Pope Paul III and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Born to a local modest official in Pieve di Cadore, Titian was sent to live with his uncle in Venice at the age of ten. Subsequently, he developed a keen interest in art and learnt the technique of painting and soon earned the opportunity to work with a few great painters of the era. Around 1518, he was deemed as one of Venice's leading artists with the completion of ‘Assumption of the Virgin’. Thereafter, Titian embarked on a prestigious career as a painter, receiving much support in his endeavor by a variety of lofty commissions. Much in demand in the courts of northern Italy around mid-16th century, his reputation spread like wildfire throughout Europe. Recognized as the "first painter" by Emperor Charles V and raised by him to the rank of Count Palatine, he painted astonishing mythology-inspired artwork and also created portraits of some of the leading personalities of the day during his lifetime. Retaining a lifelong interest in color, he continued to project amazing energy through his paintings until his death. Most celebrated for his mastery of color, creative works of Titian had a profound influence on countless future generations of artists.


Titian died of plague on August 27, 1576, in his palace in Venice


Between 1550 and 1576, Titian mostly worked for Philip II and painted artworks for the monastery of the Escorial such as the magnificent Crucifixion, the Entombment, and the Adoration of the Kings


In 1530, he painted his first portrait of the Charles V as Holy Roman emperor while attending the coronation of Emperor


During 1518–1523, he represented classical mythology through his three paintings for the castle of Alfonso d'Este in Ferrara; the Andrians, the Worship of Venus, and Bacchus and Ariadne


One of his early masterpieces which established Titian as one of the leading painters of the era was ‘Assumption of the Virgin’ (1516-1518)


Titian was born Tiziano Vecellio sometime between 1488 and 1490, in Pieve di Cadore, near Belluno in Italy, to Gregorio Vecellio, and his wife, Lucia

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