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Thomas Schmidheiny

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Net worth 2018: $4.9 Billion
Residence: Jona, Switzerland
Country: Switzerland
BirthDay: 1945
Children: 4
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Zurich Polytechnic; Doctorate, Tufts University

Thomas Schmidheiny was bornon 1945 in Jona, Switzerland, Switzerland. Thomas Schmidheiny is #398 in List Billionaires People In The World. Thomas Schmidheiny's ancestors built an empire making bricks and cement; when Thomas' father Max divided the estate in 1984 Thomas inherited cement and concrete supplier Holcim while his brother Stephan, also a billionaire, got construction company Eternit. Thomas retired from his role as chairman of Holcim in 2003 after running the company for twenty years. In July 2015, Holcim completed its mega-merger with France's Lafarge, creating the largest cement manufacturer in the world; Schmidheiny now holds just under 12% of the company. He also owns vineyards and wineries in Napa Valley, Australia, Argentina, and Switzerland.


$2.7 Billion


$4.3 Billion


$4.8 Billion


$4.2 Billion


$5.5 Billion


$5.5 Billion


$5.5 Billion


$3.2 Billion


$4.7 Billion


$4.9 Billion

Thomas Schmidheiny (born 1945) is a Swiss entrepreneur, former chairman of Holcim, the cement manufacturer. He is listed by Forbes magazine as the 527th richest person in the world as of 2016, when his net worth was estimated at US$4.1 billion.Thomas Schmidheiny is the son of Max Schmidheiny (1908-1991). The family's construction materials empire (bricks, cement, etc) was divided in 1984, with Thomas inheriting Holcim, the concrete and cement company, and his brother Stephan, also a billionaire, was given the construction company Eternit.Until 2003, Schmidheiny was the chairman of Holcim, one of the world's leading cement manufacturers, founded by his grand-uncle in 1912. Schmidheiny resigned his chairmanship as part of a deal to settle an investigation of insider trading in Spain. He has remained on the Board since that time. Since the merger between Holcim and Lafarge Thomas Schmidheiny detains 11.4% of the company Lafarge-Holcim and is the biggest shareholder of the firm.Schmidheiny holds a doctorate from Tufts University and a bachelor's degree from Zurich Polytechnic.The Indian School of Business has a Thomas Schmidheiny chair of family business. As of 2012, the post was held by Kavil Ramachandran.Schmidheiny is married with four children; he owns vineyards and wineries in the Napa Valley, Australia, Argentina, and Switzerland including his residence in Klosters.
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