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Thomas Hart Benton

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Net worth 2018: $14 Million
Industry: Painters
Residence: Missouri
Country: United States
BirthDay: 15 April 1889
Sigh: Taurus
Died On: January 19, 1975

Thomas Hart Benton was bornon 15 April 1889 in Missouri, American, is Painter. Thomas Hart Benton was a painter and muralist considered to be one of the foremost figures of the American Scene Painting movement of the 1930s. His most popular works included his paintings of the scenes of the American South and the American West. As a painter he preferred a naturalistic and representational style and liked to paint people as they went about their chores in normal day-to-day life. The artists of the Regionalism movement rejected modernism and were more drawn to a simpler and naturalistic presentation of art, Benson being one of them. Born into a family of politicians, he found himself under immense pressure to follow in his famous politician father’s footsteps. However the close proximity to a political life disillusioned him and he rebelled against his father and decided to pursue a career in arts. Thanks to the support of his mother he was able to attend art school and develop his artistic abilities. During the World War I he worked with the U.S. Navy and drew camouflage illustrations of shipyards. His stint with the Navy deeply influenced his future painting styles. A self proclaimed “enemy of modernism”, Benton and the artists Grant Wood and John Steuart Curry were hailed as the three great painters of American Regionalism.


He died in 1975 while working on a painting in his studio


He accepted the position of an art teacher at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1935 and served there till 1941


He painted the Arts of life in America murals for the Whitney Museum of American Art's library in 1932 and was featured on the December 1934 issue of ‘Time’ magazine owing to his increasing popularity


By the 1930s he had become very popular and he won a commission to paint the murals of Indiana life


He married an Italian immigrant, Rita Piacenza, in 1922


Even though he was not at all interested in politics as a young man, he began to get involved in leftist politics during the 1920s and 1930s


He went to New York City in 1913 where he began painting


Over the 1910s he experimented with different painting styles and was especially much influenced by Synchronism which stressed upon the musical qualities of color


With his mother’s encouragement and support he enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1907


During 1905-06 his father sent him to the Western Military Academy hoping to prepare him for a political career but the young boy rebelled


He was born on April 15, 1889 to Colonel Maecenas Benton and his wife


He was one of the three major figures of the Regionalism movement of the American Scene Painting movement which swept through the country during the early 20th century

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