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Suze Orman

Author, Television Personality, Motivational Speaker
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Net worth 2018: $35 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Country: United States
BirthDay: 5 June 1951
Sigh: Cancer
Height: 1.63 m
Education: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Suze Orman was bornon 5 June 1951 in Chicago, Illinois, American, is Author, Television Personality, Motivational Speaker. Susan Lynn ‘Suze’ Orman is an American financial advisor, television host, author and motivational speaker. She is known for her famous show on CNBC, ‘The Suze Orman Show’ and for the numerous books that she has written on a variety of topics related to finance, like, ‘You’ve Earned It, Don’t Lose It’, ‘The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom’, etc. Orman belonged to a middle class background when she was growing up and faced many financial difficulties. She dropped out of her university studies and went to California to become a waitress at a bakery, where she worked hard for 7 years and dreamt of opening a restaurant of her own. To help her in achieving this dream some of her longtime customers helped her in saving up $50,000. As she did not know what to do with a large sum of money back then, she took her money to Merrill Lynch where a broker misguided her and she ended up losing all her money. This incident motivated her to study finance on her own and she ended up working for Merrill Lynch itself. Later on, she founded her own financial firm and with media exposure and bestselling books she became a national star from a waitress who used to earn only $400 per week.


$35 Million


In 2009, Orman received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


In 2008, owning to her successful image as the topnotch financial advisor of America, Orman was invited on The Oprah Winfrey Show


Orman is most famous for her show ‘The Suze Orman Show’ which aired in 2003 and made her a household name


Other books that Orman published are: ‘The Courage to be Rich (1999)’, ‘The Road to Wealth (2001)’, and ‘The Laws of Money, The lessons of Life (2003)’


After the success of her first book, Orman published another book in 1997, ‘The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom’


In 1995, she achieved great success by publishing her book ‘You’ve Earned It, Don’t Lose It’, which sold around 70,000 copies, thanks for the strenuous promotion that Orman did for her newly released book


In 1987, she started her own company, Suze Orman Financial Group, in California


In 1980, Orman’s longtime customer, Fred Hasbrook, gave her a check for $2000, contributing money towards her dream of opening a restaurant of her own


Suze Orman was born on June 5, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois

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