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Sri Prakash Lohia

Sri Prakash Lohia’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $7.07 Billion
Industry: Manufacturing
Residence: London, United Kingdom
Country: Indonesia
BirthDay: 11 August 1952
Sigh: Virgo
Children: 2
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Delhi University

Sri Prakash Lohia was bornon 11 August 1952 in London, United Kingdom, Indonesia. Sri Prakash Lohia is #264 in List Billionaires People In The World. Sri Prakash Lohia made much of his fortune producing a basic component used to make plastic bottles. He and his father immigrated to Indonesia, where they co-founded Indorama as a maker of spun yarn in 1976. It is now a petrochemicals powerhouse making a range of industrial products, including polyethylene, polypropylene and medical gloves. Lohia remains chairman but lives in London and has handed reins largely to son Amit, who runs the business on a daily basis. The company is expanding in Africa where it has a factory in Nigeria that produces fertilizer.


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$2 Billion


$3.4 Billion


$3.5 Billion


$4.7 Billion


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$5.4 Billion


$7.07 Billion

Sri Prakash Lohia (born 11 August 1952) is founder and chairman of Indorama Corporation, a diversified petrochemical and textile company.Lohia hails from India but has spent the majority of his professional life in Indonesia since 1974. In 2013, Forbes ranked him as the 6th richest person in Indonesia with a net worth of US$3 billion.Lohia was born in Kolkata on 11 August 1952 to Mohan Lal Lohia and Kanchan Devi Lohia. He has three brothers—Om, Ajey (original name Ajay Prakash), and Aloke (original name Alok or Anil Prakash)—and one sister—Aruna.Lohia graduated from the University of Delhi in 1971 with a bachelor's degree in Commerce.In 1973, Lohia moved to Indonesia with his father Mohan Lal Lohia and started Indorama Synthetics, which began to manufacture spun yarns in 1976.The company was divided in the late 1980s by Mohan Lal Lohia between his three sons to avoid family disputes in the future. Sri Prakash’s elder brother Om Prakash moved to India and set up Indorama Synthetics. Aloke, Sri Prakash’s younger brother, went to Thailand to found Indorama Holdings, which is a wool yarn producer.In 1991, Indorama Synthetics diversified into the manufacture of polyester fibers and then polyester bottle-grade (PET) resins in 1995.In 2006, Lohia acquired an integrated olefin plant in Nigeria, which is today the largest petrochemical company in West Africa and the second largest olefin producer in Africa.Indorama Corporation is Lohia’s principal holding company, which is based in Singapore.In 2013, SPL has been place at number 395 in Forbes list of Billionaires with a net worth of $3.4B.In 2015, the Lohia family was one of the 50 wealthiest families in Asia.Lohia is known for keeping his private life shielded from public scrutiny, rarely giving interviews or making public appearances.Lohia and his wife, Seema Mittal (Sister of Lakshmi Mittal), have two children, Amit and Shruti. His son, Amit Lohia, graduated magna cum laude from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He is the Managing Director of Indorama Corporation and a director in various Indorama companies. Lohia’s daughter, Shruti Hora, graduated from Babson College and currently resides in Singapore.Lohia is the brother-in-law of Lakshmi Mittal, currently the second richest Indian with a net worth of $14.6 billion.Lohia is one of the world’s largest collectors of old books and lithographs. He has the world’s second largest collection of colored lithographs. He is working on an ambitious project of digitizing all his lithographs and those at other leading libraries around the world. They are being uploaded on stated in 2013 that he dislikes playing golf and uses the treadmill to stay in shape.In 2012, Lohia was given the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award (Overseas Indian Award) by the President of India.
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