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Shimon Peres

Former President of Israel
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Net worth 2018: $3 Million
Industry: Prime Ministers
Residence: Wiszniew, Poland
Country: Israeli
BirthDay: 2 August 1923
Sigh: Virgo
Died On: September 28, 2016
Education: Ben Shemen Youth Village, Harvard University, New York University, The New School

Shimon Peres was bornon 2 August 1923 in Wiszniew, Poland, Israeli, is Former President of Israel. Shimon Peres was a former Prime Minister and President of Israel. He was one of the most seasoned politicians of Israel with a political career spanning over six decades. He served in several military and diplomatic posts at the time of the ‘War of Independence’ of Israel. Immediately after the war, he served as Deputy Director-General of Defense and later Director General. A Polish-born Israeli statesman, he remained a member of twelve cabinets, being first elected to the Knesset in November 1959. He continuously served the Knesset till 2007 barring a three months break in 2006. In Knesset he represented five different parties at different times namely ‘Rafi’, ‘Israeli Labor Party’, Mapai, ‘Kadima’ and the ‘Alignment’. He also remained Interim Prime Minister for a couple of times. He became the President of Israel in June 2007 and served a term of seven years. During his tenure as foreign minister of Israel he aided in negotiating a peace accord with the then chairman of the ‘Palestine Liberation Organisation’, Yāsir ʿArafāt. Both of them along with Yitzhak Rabin, the then Prime Minister of Israel, received the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ jointly in 1994 for peace efforts.


Shimon Peres died on 28 September 2016 after suffering a massive stroke two weeks ago


In June 2012 President of United States, Barack Obama conferred upon him the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’


On January 20, 2011, she succumbed to heart failure in her home in Tel Aviv


Queen Elizabeth II conferred upon him the honorary ‘Knight Grand Cross’ of the ‘Order of St Michael and St George’ in November 2008


He took charge from July 15, 2007 and held the position till July 24, 2014


He became Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galillee and also Vice Prime Minister in May 2006 after ‘Kadima’ won the elections and Ariel Sharon became Prime Minister of Israel


He left ’Israeli Labor Party’ and joined a newly formed ‘Kadima’ party on November 30, 2005 to support Ariel Sharon


From July 1999 to March 2001 he remained the Minister of Regional Cooperation and thereafter served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the National Unity government till October 2002


He was a Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee member at the Knesset from 1996 to 1999


He became Prime Minister of Israel for the second time in November 1995 following assassination of Yitzhak Rabin on November 4 that year


The ‘Treaty of Peace’ with Jordan was signed in October 1994


The ‘Israeli Labor Party’ made a comeback in the 1992 elections and Peres once again became the Minister of Foreign Affairs


He remained Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1986 to 1988 and thereafter Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance till 1990


In 1984 a ‘National Unity Government’ was formed where he became the Prime Minister of Israel for two non-consecutive terms in a rotation arrangement with Yitzhak Shamir, leader of the ‘Likud’ party


He was made the chairman of the party following its defeat in the 1977 elections, a post he held till 1992


After a brief period he became the Minister of Defense in 1974 and held the post till 1977


He held several ministerial positions including Minister of Immigrant Absorption in 1969, Minister of Transportation and Communications from 1970 to 1974 and Information Minister in 1974


Thereafter, ‘Mapai’, ‘Rafi’ and ‘Ahdut HaAvoda’ merged on January 23, 1968 to form the ’Israeli Labor Party’


He has written eleven books including ‘The Next Step’ (1965), ‘The New Middle East’ (1993), ‘For the Future of Israel’ (1998) and ‘Ben Gurion: A Political Life’ (2011)


In 1959 he was elected as a member of the Knesset representing ‘Mapai’ party and became the Deputy Defense Minister, a position he held till 1965


When Israel resolved to go to war against Egypt by 1956, France evolved as the closest partner of Israel in the Middle East


Since 1954 he participated in planning of the 1956 Suez War with the UK and France in the capacity of Director-General of the Ministry of Defense of Israel and visited Paris a few times in this pursuit


He became the Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Defense in 1952 and in 1953 he was appointed Director-General of the Ministry of Defense by the then Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion


In early 1950s he served as the director of the delegation of Defence Ministry in the US


He enlisted in the ‘Haganah’, a Jewish paramilitary organisation in 1947 and was delegated with the responsibility of arm purchase and personnel management


He and Moshe Dayan were made the youth delegates in the 1946 ‘Mapai’ delegation to the ‘Zionist Congress’


He led an illegal quest encompassing a group of teenagers, an archaeologist, a zoologist and a Palmach scout to the restricted military zone at Negev in 1944


The ‘Holocaust’ massacre during the reign of the Nazis claimed lives of all his relatives living in Wiszniew in 1941


His father moved to Tel Aviv in 1932 and the family joined his father in 1934


He was born on August 2, 1923, as Szymon Perski in Wiszniew, Poland in the family of Yitzhak Perski and Sara Perski

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