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Seth Rogen

Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Producer, Director
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Net worth 2018: $55 Million
Residence: Vancouver, Canada
BirthDay: 15 April 1982
Sigh: Taurus
Height: 1.8 m

Seth Rogen was bornon 15 April 1982 in Vancouver, Canada, , is Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Producer, Director. The actor who sent the viewers rolling in laughter with his goofy performance in the film ‘The 40-Year Old Virgin’, Seth Rogen is someone who seems to have been born to be a comedian. With due respects to his acting skills, it must be mentioned that there is something so amusing and funny about his very appearance that makes one want to laugh! Blessed with a chubby face framed by curly hair, twinkling eyes and a silly smile, the actor has got the perfect looks for a comedian. He is the very personification of innocence, goofiness and cuteness combined! As a small boy he realized he had it in him to make people laugh with his silly jokes and antics. The more he made others laugh, the more he loved it and decided to become a career comedian. He started performing stand-up comedy as a teenager. A financial crisis hit his family when Seth was 16, and the teenager dropped out from high school to become a full-time comedian in order to pay the bills. Eventually he carved a niche for himself and started appearing on television shows. After a few initial hiccups, he became an established television actor who eventually ventured into Hollywood. Today the actor has definitely come a long way from his stand-up comedy days!


$55 Million


In 2014, he acted in the Comedy ‘Neighbors’ directed by Nicholas Stoller in which he plays a married man with a baby daughter whose life turns upside down when some strange neighbors move in next door


He turned director in 2013 as he co-directed the disaster comedy, ‘This is the End’ with long-time friend Evan Goldberg


Keeping up with his penchant for playing slackers, he portrayed an irresponsible slacker son of a widower in the 2011 action comedy ‘The Green Hornet’


Continuing his professional link with Apatow, Seth starred along with Adam Sandler and Leslie Mann in the 2009 comedy drama film, ‘Funny People’


He played Dale Denton, a drug addict in the 2008 comedy ‘Pineapple Express’ which he had co-written with Evan Goldberg


He played the leading role in the 2007 film, ‘Knocked Up’ in which he plays a slacker who gets a woman pregnant in a drunken one-night stand


He played one of the friends of the main character in the romantic comedy ‘The 40-year Old Virgin’ (2005) which is about a middle-aged man desperate to lose his virginity


He began dating actress Lauren Miller in 2004 and became engaged in 2010


Moving on to film roles, he played Ricky in the 2001 movie ‘Donnie Darko’ which was a supernatural thriller


Director Judd Apatow recognized the boy’s skills and cast him in the television comedy drama ‘Freaks and Geeks’ which premiered in 1999

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