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Sergei Galitsky

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Net worth 2018: $4.19 Billion
Residence: Krasnodar, Russia
Country: Russia
BirthDay: 14 August 1967
Sigh: Virgo
Children: 1
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Kuban State University

Sergei Galitsky was bornon 14 August 1967 in Krasnodar, Russia, Russia. Sergei Galitsky is #544 in List Billionaires People In The World. Sergei Galitsky is the founder and CEO of Magnit, Russia's biggest supermarket chain and cosmetics retailer with more than 14,000 stores. He got his start in 1994 as a perfume and beauty supplies wholesaler. An admirer of Wal-Mart, he opened his first grocery store four years later and advertised using the slogan "Always Low Prices." (Wal-Mart's slogan has long been "Everyday Low Prices"). He took the company public in 2006. Galitsky, who still owns more than a third of the company, also owns the soccer team Krasnodar and a soccer academy. He has invested about $460 million in a new soccer stadium nicknamed Galiseum by local journalists. His country estate has a main house and eight satellite houses for his daughter and the coach of his soccer team among others. He owns a personal jet and a yacht.


$2.9 Billion


$5.5 Billion


$4.9 Billion


$8.2 Billion


$10.3 Billion


$8.3 Billion


$5.7 Billion


$6.8 Billion


$4.19 Billion

Sergey Nikolayevich Galitsky (Russian: Серге́й Николаевич Галицкий; born Sergey Arutyunyan) is a Russian billionaire businessman, the founder and co-owner of Magnit (Russia's largest retailer), and president of FC Krasnodar.Sergey Arutyunian was born on 14 August 1967, in Lazarevskoye, a suburb of Sochi, southern Russia, his mother is Russian and his father is Armenian. He later adopted his wife's surname.In 1993, he graduated from the Economics faculty of Kuban State University. A year later, he founded the company, "Tander", which traded wholesale cosmetics and perfumery. In 1998, he built the first distribution center, and immediately after a crisis, opened the first grocery store "Magnit" in Krasnodar. In 2000, he switched to retail, and created the largest network by number of stores in Russia. In 2006, the company conducted its IPO and was valued at $1.9 billion.He is married to Viktoria Galitskaya, and they have one daughter, Polina Galitskaya.
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