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Satoru Iwata

Former President & CEO of Nintendo
Satoru Iwata’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $100,000
Residence: Sapporo
Country: Japanese
BirthDay: 6 December 1959
Sigh: Capricorn
Died On: July 11, 2015
Education: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Satoru Iwata was bornon 6 December 1959 in Sapporo, Japanese, is Former President & CEO of Nintendo. Satoru Iwata was a renowned Japanese video game programmer and businessman who is best known as the fourth president of the Japanese video game company, Nintendo. He later took additional responsibility as the CEO of Nintendo of America. Prior to joining Nintendo, he served as a programmer for HAL Laboratory, Inc., which he joined during his university days. While still at HAL, he collaborated with Nintendo on a number of video games and came close to Hiroshi Yamauchi, the then-president of the company. He trained himself in marketing and helped both HAL and Nintendo in increasing their profit margins. He is also known for his revolutionary ideas, and had a great role in developing the touch-enabled dual screen Nintendo DS, the motion controlled Wii, and in conceptualizing the Amiibo figurines. He became the public face of the company in later years and hosted the interview series titled ‘Iwata Asks’ and showed his sense of humor on ‘Nintendo Direct’, a series of online press conferences. A proficient programmer, who is also a self-proclaimed gamer, he was highly respected by programmers and gamers alike.


Satoru Iwata, who had been suffering from health issues for over a year, died on July 11, 2015, at the age of 55, due to complications from a tumor surgery he had in June 2014


In 2004, he brought into market the touch-screen enabled handheld console, Nintendo DS, which sold over 154 million units within a decade and became the second-best selling video game console of all time


In 1978, he enrolled into Tokyo Institute of Technology with major in computer science and purchased his first computer, a Commodore PET, which he later disassembled to study how it worked


Satoru Iwata was born on December 6, 1959, in Sapporo, Japan

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