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Rudolf Mössbauer

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Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Munich, Weimar Republic
Country: German
BirthDay: 31 January 1929
Sigh: Aquarius
Died On: September 14, 2011

Rudolf Mössbauer was bornon 31 January 1929 in Munich, Weimar Republic, German, is Physicist. Rudolf Mossbauer was a German physicist who discovered the Mossbauer Effect for which he was honoured with a Nobel Prize in 1961. He was the first to provide an experimental proof of recoilless nuclear resonance absorption, the emission without recoil of gamma rays by radioactive nuclei of crystalline solids, and the way these emitted rays are subsequently absorbed by other nuclei. The discovery, which was later termed Mossbauer Effect, was extremely crucial in the field of physics as it was used to verify Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity and helped in measuring magnetic fields of atomic nuclei. It also formed the basis of Mossbauer Spectroscopy which has been widely used in biological sciences, nuclear physics, inorganic and structural chemistry, solid state studies, and several other related fields. Mossbauer’s discovery assisted in the study of energy levels in atomic nuclei and how they were affected by their surroundings and various phenomena. However, Mossbauer did not restrain his investigation and study to recoilless nuclear resonance fluorescence only. Towards the end of his career, he studied electroweak theory, neutrinos, neutrons, and the conversion of hydrogen into helium as well.


He breathed his last on September 14, 2011, in Grunwald, Germany


In 1972, Mossbauer moved to Grenoble succeeding Heinz Maier-Leibnitz as the Director of the Institut Laue-Langevin


In 1964, he returned to his alma mater Munich Technical University as a full time professor and retained this position until 1997 when he was appointed Professor Emeritus


In 1961, he was made Professor of Physics at the California Institute of Technology


During the 1960s, Mossbauer’s fame grew excessively


In 1958, Mossbauer received his doctorate degree from the Munich Technical University under Professor Maier-Leibnitz


From 1955 until 1957, Mossbauer worked on his thesis for the doctorate degree


Simultaneously, he worked on his thesis at the Laboratory for Applied Physics at Munich Technical University between 1953 and 1954


In 1952, Mossbauer received his preliminary diploma or B


Mossbauer’s most important work came in towards the end of the 1950s


Saving money from both the jobs, he subsequently enrolled himself at the Munich Technical University to study physics in 1949


Rudolf Mossbauer was born on January 31, 1929, in Munich to Ludwig and Ernest Mossbauer

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