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Robert Kiyosaki

Businessman, Motivational Speaker & Author
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Net worth 2018: $80 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Country: United States
BirthDay: 8 April 1947
Sigh: Taurus
Education: United States Merchant Marine Academy

Robert Kiyosaki was bornon 8 April 1947 in Hilo, Hawaii, United States, American, is Businessman, Motivational Speaker & Author. Robert Kiyosakiis a legendary figure who has changed the way how people look at money. An entrepreneur, investor, author and motivational speaker by profession, he audaciously is said to have commented that the reason why most of the people today are struggling financially is because despite years of formal education and training, they do not know anything about money. He is the author of the book, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, which ever since the time of its release, scaled to become the number one personal finance book of all time. The book draws a comparison between his biological dad who was educated but poor and fictitious dad who was a college dropout but the wealthiest man in Hawaii. Today, a stalwart in his own right, this tycoon entrepreneur however had the most humble beginning. Interestingly, the man who has become a multi-millionaire teaching people how to become rich was himself a failure at one point of time and had twice gone bankrupt with his business ventures. However, he did not succumb to the downfall and instead started teaching people how not to become poor and evade erroneous financial decisions.


$80 Million


In 2010, he appeared at The Alex Jones Show wherein he revealed his assets including big apartment complexes, hotels and golf courses


In 2002, he bought silver mine in South America and took control over a gold mining company in China


‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, published in 2000, advocates financial independence and teaches its readers the importance of building wealth through investments in real estate and the starting and owning of business


However, he did not continue the same for long and instead left Money and You in 1994 to take up early retirement


In 1986, he tied the knot with Kim Meyer, who is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and motivational speaker


Towards the beginning of the 1980s decade, he initiated a business that licensed T-shirts for heavy metal rock bands, such as Motley Crue


Meanwhile in 1977, having saved enough money, he started a company of his own that brought forth to the market the first nylon and Velcro ‘surfer’ wallets


From 1974 until 1978, he took up the profile of a salesman for Xerox Corporation selling copy machines


In 1972, during the Vietnam War, he served as a helicopter gunship pilot in the Marine Corps


Merchant Marine Academy in New York, graduating from the same as a deck officer in 1969

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