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Robert Ballard

Deep Sea Explorer
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Net worth 2018: $10 Million
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Wichita, Kansas, United States
Country: United States
BirthDay: 30 June 1942
Sigh: Cancer

Robert Ballard was bornon 30 June 1942 in Wichita, Kansas, United States, American, is Deep Sea Explorer. Dr. Robert Ballard is among the most accomplished deep-sea explorers and is best known for the remarkable discoveries of ancient shipwrecks, the most popular ones being, the RMS Titanic and the German battleship, ‘Bismarck’. During his long career, he has conducted more than 120 deep-sea explorations using the latest expedition technology and is also a forerunner in the early use of deep-diving submersibles. Apart from deep-sea exploration, he has pioneered distance learning courses in America and around the world, with the JASON project; an award-winning instructive program that reaches out to more than 1 million science students and deep-sea enthusiasts. He has received prestigious awards from the Explorers Club and the National Geographic Society and was also recently made the president of the Institute of Exploration. Nowadays, he tours with his newfangled explorer ship, the ‘EN Nautilus’ and spends around five to six months out in the big blue, exploring the likes of the Atlantic Ocean, the Aegean, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The love for oceans, his prolific writing skills and his passion for designing new technological vessels, has made him one of the most illustrious and celebrated personalities in the world of marine geology and archaeology. Scroll further for more interesting information on this personality.


$10 Million


In 2003, he founded the Center for Ocean Exploration and Archaeological Oceanography at the Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography


His book ‘Lost Liners’ published in 1997, is his magnum opus and offers its readers an insight into the magnificent ships and transatlantic liners lost under the sea


’In 1993, he investigated and conducted a forensic analysis of the wreck of Titanic’s sister-ship, the RMS Lusitania, which was struck by a torpedo


He then married Barbara Earle in January 1991 and they have two children, William and Emily


In 1990, he founded the Institute for Exploration, which specializes in deep-sea archaeology and geology as a part of the non-profit, ‘Sea Research Foundation, Inc


After discovering the wreck, he undertook even more daring dives with his team and discovered the German Battleship, Bismarck in 1989


His discovery of the Titanic on September 1, 1985, not only changed the face of ocean archeology forever but paved way for the development of even more advanced under-water technology


In 1982, he approached the US Navy with his idea of a new, technologically advanced, underwater robot vehicle, the ‘Argo’, which would help him discover the world’s greatest sunken ship, Titanic


In the summer of 1975, he participated in the French-American expedition, Phere, searching for hydrothermal flues over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


His first professional dive in a submersible was in 1969, off the coast of Florida, as a part of an oceanographic expedition arranged by Woods Hole


in marine geology from the University of Southern California in 1967, but his studies were soon cut-short when he was transferred to the US Navy as an oceanographer


In 1966, Ballard married Marjorie Jacobsen, a medical receptionist and they had two sons, Todd and Douglas


Simultaneously, he was pursuing an undergraduate degree in chemistry and geology from the University of California, and he graduated in 1965


His interest for the ocean soon developed into passion and he began working part-time for Andreas Rechnitzer’s Ocean Systems Group, in 1962


After Titanic foundered, he became the first person in 73 years to stumble upon the legendary ship which sank in 1912

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