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Richard Todd

Richard Todd’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1 Million
Residence: Dublin, Ireland
Country: Irish
BirthDay: 11 June 1919
Sigh: Cancer
Died On: December 3, 2009
Education: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts

Richard Todd was bornon 11 June 1919 in Dublin, Ireland, Irish, is Actor. Richard Todd, born into an aristocratic Irish family, became a soldier and then a very successful actor in both British and American cinema. His role of a Wing Commander in the British Air Force in the film ‘Dam Busters’ made him very famous. His mother wanted him to join the Diplomatic Service but he decided to become a playwright. Later on he changed his decision to become an actor instead. The lead roles played by him in many war movies were appreciated all over the world as he used his first-hand experience of the war to bring out the maximum effect in each role. In real life he was a part of the parachute regiment of the 7th battalion that was parachuted into Normandy on the D-Day of the Second World War. He made the first contact with the troops flown into Normandy in gliders led by Major Howard assigned to defend the Pegasus Bridge. After the war ended, he went back to his first love, the theatre, and performed in many roles. His luck changed for the better when he got a chance to act in films where he was more successful in portraying characters from the armed forces.


Richard Todd died of cancer on December 3, 2009 at Little Humby, Lincolnshire, UK


In 1992 he appeared in the miniseries ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Incident at Victoria Falls’


In 1982 he appeared in television movies ‘Virtual Murder’, ‘Silent Witness’ and in ‘Kinda’, a story on ‘Doctor Who’He acted in the television miniseries ‘Jenny’s War’ in 1985


In 1974 he toured America with the RSC plays ‘The Hollow Crown’ and ‘Pleasure and Repentance’


During the 1970s he worked as a narrator for Radio Four’s ‘Morning Story’ and in the 1980s for the ‘Wings Over the World’ series


He played the role of a hippie professor in ‘The Love-Ins’ in 1967


In 1965 he appeared in the film ‘Operation Crossbow’


He was a jury member at the ‘14th Berlin International Film Festival’ in 1964


He acted in the film ‘Death Drums Along The River’ in 1963 and in ‘Coast of Skeletons’ in 1964


In 1962 he acted the role of Major Howard in ‘The Longest Day’ while another actor played his character in the same film


His notable films during the late 1960s were ‘An Ideal Husband’ (1965) and ‘Dear Octopus’ in (1967)


In 1959 he acted in the war movies ‘The Danger Within’ and ‘The Long and the Short and the Tall’ in 1961


He starred in the films ‘Saint Joan’ and the ‘The Yangtse Incident’ in 1957 and ‘Chase a Crooked Shadow’ in 1958


He was cast for ‘D-Day, the Sixth of June’ in 1956


His portrayal of the character of Wing Commander Guy Gibson in ‘The Dam Busters’ in 1954 and that of Peter Marshall in ‘A Man called Peter’ in 1955 made him very famous among movie lovers all over the world


He acted in the television adaptation of ‘Wuthering Heights’ in 1953


His three Walt Disney films are ‘The Story of Robin Hood and His Merry Men’ in 1952, ‘The Sword and the Rose’ and ‘Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue’ in 1953


His next film was Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Stage Fright’ in 1950 followed by the Hollywood film ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ in 1951


He again played the role of ‘Lachie’ in Warner Bros film ‘The Hasty Heart’ in 1949 and earned his first Oscar nomination


In 1948 he played the lead role in ‘For Them That Trespass’ for the ‘Associated British Picture Corporation’


He joined the British army during the Second World War and was given a commission in 1941


In 1939 he founded the ‘Dundee Repertory Theatre’


His first professional appearance was in the play ‘Twelfth Night’ held at Regent’s Park open air theater in 1936


Richard Todd was born in Dublin, Ireland, on June 11, 1919

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