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Richard Nixon

37th President of the United States
Richard Nixon’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $19 Million
Residence: Yorba Linda, California, U.S.
Country: United States
BirthDay: 9 January 1913
Sigh: Aquarius
Died On: April 22, 1994
Education: Duke University School of Law (1937), Whittier College (1934), Fullerton Union High School (1930)

Richard Nixon was bornon 9 January 1913 in Yorba Linda, California, U.S., American, is 37th President of the United States. Richard Nixon was a leader of the Republican Party and became the thirty-seventh President of the United States in 1968 and was subsequently reelected for his second term in 1972. The most significant achievement credited to him during the first term of presidency is a ceasefire with Vietnam and ending of the long time war between the two countries. The former president followed a foreign policy marked by dé´¥nte with the Soviet Union and rapprochement with the People's Republic of China. Richard Nixon is the longest serving individual to have held the nation?s two highest executive posts of President and Vice- President in American history. He became the only president to ever resign from the office in 1974, when he left the position in the face of inevitable impeachment in the widely condemned Watergate scandal.

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