Ri Sol-ju’s profile picture

Ri Sol-ju

Kim Jong-un's Wife
Ri Sol-ju’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Miscellaneous
Residence: Pyongyang, North Korea
Country: North Korean
BirthDay: 28 September 1989
Sigh: Libra
Education: Kim Il-sung University

Ri Sol-ju was bornon 28 September 1989 in Pyongyang, North Korea, North Korean, is Kim Jong-un's Wife. Ri Sol-ju is the wife of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and the First Lady of North Korea. She used to be a singer, before catching the attention of the supreme commander, and the notorious dictator Kim Jong-un. The country being almost totally cut-off from rest of the world, her personal life has been kept secretive and there are no definite sources which can claim the true family history and origins of Ri Sol-ju. She has been dubbed by the North Korean state media as the ‘wife and comrade of Kim Jong-un’. Ri first starting making appearances alongside Kim in the year 2012. After a lot of speculations about her true identity, it was revealed in mid-2012 that she was, in facts, Kim’s wife. Many sources do claim that they got married in 2009 after the death of Kim Jong-il as Kim Jong-un succeeded his father. Kim Jong-un supposedly had a child with her in 2010 and Ri was seen with another baby bump in 2012, and in later photographs, she seemed to have lost it, which meant birth of another child.

. Ri Sol-ju was born in around 1985-1989. Her place of birth is largely unknown, so is the information related to her background and her parents. In North Korea, most of the information about the first family of the nation doesn’t leave the national borders. She finished her early education from Kumsong 2 middle school and later went for her higher studies at the reputed Kim Il-Sung University.Most people claim that this isn’t her real name and just a pseudonym to confuse others, for obvious safety reasons. She has naturally been a matter of curiosity among the international media and there have been several rumours floating around about her true identity, but without any reliable source to confirm them.As she is married to the most elite figure in the North Korean landscape, it has been claimed that she either belongs to a very respectable political family from the country or a military family having connection to Kim’s family.Some contrasting reports also say that she is just a commoner who happened to be a musician and her beauty caught the eyes of Kim, who then proposed her and considering Kim’s track record dealing with the people who don’t follow supreme leader’s wishes, she said yes under pressure.Some Chinese sources claim that she studied music in China and majored in vocal music, and then sang in some bars and clubs there, before returning to her own country to make a career in music. She also reportedly visited South Korea for a sporting event where she danced as a cheerleader.
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