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Raul Castro

President of the Council of State of Cuba
Raul Castro’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $100 Million
Residence: Birán, Cuba
Country: Cuban
BirthDay: 3 June 1931
Sigh: Cancer
Education: Belen Jesuit Preparatory School

Raul Castro was bornon 3 June 1931 in Birán, Cuba, Cuban, is President of the Council of State of Cuba. Raul Castro is the current President of Cuba and brother of the Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Most of his life was spent under the shadow of his elder brother and he was always seen as the right hand of Fidel Castro. Raul played a very important role in the Cuban Revolution as well as in formation of the government of Cuba, after the revolution was over. He helped his brother plan and execute the socialist revolution, which overthrew the dictator Batista, in the 1950s. He is most famous for his role in Cuban military. He has been counted amongst Cuba’s top-ranking military officers since soon after the Revolution.. Later, as Fidel became the president of the country, it was Raul, who made sure that the administration was purged of men loyal to erstwhile president. From then, until Fidel became incapacitated due to illness, Raul occupied the number two position in the Council of State, the Council of Ministers, and the Communist Party of Cuba along with holding the post of Defense Minister of the country. He is a very pragmatic leader and a witty person. Soon after assuming power he undertook numerous reform measures and started working towards establishing relationship with other countries, especially the USA. It was due to his efforts that the USA reestablished its embassy in Havana after half a century of distrust.


$100 Million


On 26 January 1959, Raul Castro married Vilma Espin, a chemical engineer from Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, and a post-graduate from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts


Raul Modesto Castro Ruz was born on 3 June 1931 in Birán, Cuba


His father, Angel Maria Bautista Castro y Argiz, came to Cuba in 1905 from Galicia, Spain, almost empty handed

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