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Ramon Ang

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Net worth 2018: $2.4 Billion
Residence: Manila, Philippines
Country: Philippines
BirthDay: 14 January 1954
Sigh: Aquarius
Children: 8
Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Far Eastern University

Ramon Ang was bornon 14 January 1954 in Manila, Philippines, Philippines. Ramon Ang is #967 in List Billionaires People In The World. Avid car collector Ramon Ang is the president and vice chairman of one of nation's oldest conglomerates, San Miguel. Originally a brewer, San Miguel is now a leader in food and beverages; but the bulk of its revenue come from power and infrastructure businesses. He started out by fixing and selling used Japanese car and truck engines; later, with Eduardo Cojuangco, now a billionaire, he sold aluminum wheels. Ang's Eagle Cement saw a favorable IPO in May, amid an infrastructure push by President Duterte's administration. He also owns a hotel and 100 acres of prime real estate.


$1.4 Billion


$2.4 Billion

Ramón See Ang (born January 14, 1954) is a Chinese Filipino businessman.He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Top Frontier Investment Holdings (PSE: TFHI), the largest shareholder of San Miguel Corporation (PSE: SMC). He is also the Vice-Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer of SMC and the Chairman of Cyber Bay Corporation (PSE: CYBR) and Eagle Cement Corporation (PSE: EAGLE).Ang was elected Vice-Chairman of SMC in January 1999; and in March 2002, its President and Chief Operating Officer. In June 2012, he gained control of SMC after acquiring the shares owned by Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr.Ang holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Far Eastern University.
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