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Rafic Hariri

Business tycoon
Rafic Hariri’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $3.3 Billion
Industry: Prime Ministers
Residence: Sidon
Country: Lebanese
BirthDay: 1 November 1944
Died On: February 14, 2005
Education: Beirut Arab University

Rafic Hariri was bornon 1 November 1944 in Sidon, Lebanese, is Business tycoon. Rafic Hariri, also known as Rafic Baha El Deen Al Hariri, was the Lebanese Prime Minister and an illustrious entrepreneurial bigwig. He dominated the post-war socio-political and entrepreneurial scenario of his country and was also credited with redeveloping Beirut, which was devastated due to the 15 long years of civil war. During his tenure, he headed five cabinets and implemented an aggressive economic policy. He privatized the industries and implemented the policy of direct foreign investment. Both these economic policies entirely changed the socio-economic scenario of Lebanon. Hariri backed entrepreneurs, foreigners, and individuals, who took an interest in the developmental potential of Lebanon. He simplified the tax structure and provided several tax breaks to the international investors. Due to his highly successful endeavors in the private sector and numerous international connections, Hariri also managed to garner a considerable amount of low-interest loans from various foreign investors. In an attempt to curb corruption and increase the value of Lebanese pound with respect to American dollar, he pursued a powerful macroeconomic policy and maintained a strict inter-bank interest rate. This macroeconomic policy and several other economic policies formulated by him, turned out to be remarkable successes. Unfortunately, despite his significant contributions, Hariri was assassinated in Beirut, while he was driving past the St. Georges Hotel. The reports of UNIIIC indicate that the Syrian Government is linked to his murder


$3.3 Billion


Hariri was assassinated on 14 February 2005, while he was driving past the St


Hariri’s second term ended on 20th October 2004 when he resigned from his Prime Ministerial post


The ‘Horizon 2000’ economic policy was the most significant contribution of Rafic Hariri


In 1998, Rafic Hariri was replaced by Salim Hoss as the Prime Minister


Due to these powerful economic endeavors, the real national income of Lebanon increased to 6% during 1992-1993


Being a competent diplomat, Hariri played a vital role in the formulation of the 1990 Tiaf Agreement, which also ended the sixteen-year civil war in Lebanon


In 1983, Hariri started his career in politics, as a political advisor Prince Bandar bin Sultan


In 1969, he established a small subcontracting firm, called the Ciconest


In 1965, Hariri moved to Saudi Arabia where he started his career as a teacher


Rafic Hariri was born on November 1, 1944 in the Lebanese port city of Sidon, in a Sunni Muslim family


As the Prime Minister, he justified the UN Security Council Resolution 1559 which called all the foreign forces to withdraw their forces from Lebanon

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