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Plastic Bertrand

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Net worth 2018: $245 Million
Industry: Musicians
Residence: Brussels
Country: Belgian
BirthDay: 24 February 1954
Sigh: Pisces

Plastic Bertrand was bornon 24 February 1954 in Brussels, Belgian, is Musician. Plastic Bertrand is a musician, songwriter and a well-known television personality from Belgium, who remains one of the very few European musicians to have made it on the global stage without actually singing in English. Bertrand was a keen musician from an early age and he was no more than nine years old when he established a musical band with his friends from the boy scouts. However, it was later on with another band, The Pelican that he managed to get some recognition as the band was called to perform in radio programmes and at special nights at pubs or bars. Bertrand studied music at the Royal Conservatory of Music in his home town of Brussels and then created the band ‘Hubble Bubble’ with which he enjoyed some success before the band was disbanded. His most famous work was the solo, ‘Ca plane pour moi’ and although it was credited to him, the song was actually sung by someone else. Bertrand’s fame in music and the festival circuits quickly opened doors for television shows on French television and he even acted in a film. Bertrand is without doubt one of the most well-known French singers and has a worldwide following.


$245 Million


His most important work is considered to be his hit single "Ça plane pour moi", though, in 2010, it was revealed that the song was sung by Lou Deprijck


Plastic Bertrand released the album ‘Ultra terrestre’ in 2002 and that happened to be the eighth album in his career as he enjoyed a late career surge in popularity


In 1998, a collection of his best songs was remastered and released by Universal-AMC


In 1997, Bertrand returned to public attention when MTV declared him the "most wanted comeback artist"


In 1994, Plastic Bertrand released his album titled ‘Diagonal’ in collaboration with Jacques Lanzmann, and the well-known music label Sony produced the album


He appeared as a guest artist on the album 'Get Ready!', and rerecorded the 1982 song "Stop ou encore"


Plastic Bertrand emerged as the singer, writer and drum player for his band Hubble Bubble and in 1978 the band released their first album which was titled ‘Hubble Bubble’


Bertrand’s biggest break came in 1977 when he commenced his career as a solo artist with the iconic song ‘Ca Plane pour moi’ and he was credited with the song in spite of the fact that it was Lou Deprijck who actually sung it


After completing his degree in music theory at the Music Academy at the Athenee Adolphe Sax, Bertrand went to the Royal Conservatory of Music in 1973 in order to further enrich his knowledge in music


Roger Allen Francois Jouret, better known as Plastic Bertrand, was born on 24 February 1954 in Brussels, Belgium

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