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Petro Poroshenko

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Net worth 2018: $1.3 Billion
Country: Ukraine
BirthDay: 26 September 1965
Sigh: Libra
Children: 4
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Kiev State University

Petro Poroshenko was bornon 26 September 1965 in Ukraine. Ukraine's "chocolate king" Petro Poroshenko was a major supporter of the anti-government protestors in Ukraine, and continues to support the newly created government facing threats from Russia. This may be in advance of a run for president; currently he serves as a member of the Ukrainian Parliament. Despite taking a revenue hit, when his products were effectively banned from Russia, Poroshenko continues to focus on external markets, particularly in the EU, where he opened his first shop in Budapest. He got his start selling cocoa beans, then purchased several confectionery plants, uniting them in Roshen in 1995.


$1 Billion


$1.6 Billion


$1.3 Billion


$1.3 Billion


On 26 July 2017, Renat Kuzmin, First Deputy Prosecutor, and former Deputy Head of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine published a ruling by the Pecherskyi District Court (in Kiev) that orders the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to investigate President Poroshenko for possible state treason under Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine


In 2016, The Chocolate King, by Tom Ward, was published about Poroshenko and the complicated challenges in dealing with the oligarchs, internal corruption, Vladimir Putin, and the U


On 22 September 2015 Poroshenko claimed that "Russia's aggressive actions" proved need for the enlargement of NATO and that the Ukrainian referendum on joining NATO would be held after "every condition for the Ukrainian compliance with NATO membership criteria" was met by "reforming our country"


Poroshenko became a grandfather on the day of his presidential inauguration of 7 June 2014


During the Euromaidan protests, between November 2013 and February 2014, Poroshenko actively supported the protest, including with financial support


Poroshenko returned to the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) after the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election after winning (with more than 70%) as an independent candidate in single-member district number 12 (first-past-the-post wins a parliamentary seat) located in Vinnytsia Oblast


Although Poroshenko was dismissed as foreign minister on 11 March 2010, President Viktor Yanukovych expressed hope for further cooperation with him


On 12 October 2009, President Yushchenko re-appointed Poroshenko to the National Security and Defense Council


From 2008 until 2013, Poroshenko headed the Council of Ukraine's National Bank


Poroshenko started heading the Council of Ukraine's National Bank in February 2007


In the March 2006 parliamentary election Poroshenko was re-elected to the Ukrainian parliament with the support of Our Ukraine electoral bloc


In September 2005, highly publicized mutual allegations of corruption erupted between Poroshenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko involving the privatizations of state-owned firms


After Yushchenko won the presidential elections in 2004, Poroshenko was appointed Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council


After parliamentary elections in March 2002 in which Our Ukraine won the biggest share of the popular vote and Poroshenko won a seat in parliament, Poroshenko served as head of the parliamentary budget committee, where he was accused of "misplacing 47 million hryvnias" (USD$8


In December 2001 Poroshenko broke ranks with Kuchma supporters to become campaign chief of Viktor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine Bloc opposition faction


Poroshenko left SDPU(o) in 2000 to create an independent left-of-center faction, naming it Solidarity


Between 1999 and 2012 he was a board member of the National Bank of Ukraine


Poroshenko first won a seat in the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian Parliament) in 1998 for the 12th single-mandate constituency


The estimate of his assets was set at 979 million US dollars, a 20% growth, and his ranking changed from 9th to 6th wealthiest person in Ukraine


Between 1996 and 1998, UkrPromInvest acquired control over several state-owned confectionery enterprises which were combined into the Roshen group in 1996, creating the largest confectionery manufacturing operation in Ukraine


A number of businesses were once part of the Ukrprominvest which Poroshenko headed in 1993–1998


Poroshenko stated that the day was "Ukraine's most historic day since independence in 1991", describing it as a "symbol of faith and unbreakable will"


From 1989 to 1992 Poroshenko was an assistant at the university's international economic relations department


The couple have four children: Olexiy (born 1985), the twins Yevheniya and Oleksandra (born 2000) and Mykhaylo (born 2001)


In 1984 Poroshenko married a medical student, Maryna Perevedentseva (born 1962)


Poroshenko was born in the city of Bolhrad, in Odessa Oblast, on 26 September 1965 to Aleksei Ivanovich Poroshenko and Eugenia Sergeevna (née Grigorchuk)

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