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Peter Sellers

Peter Sellers’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $10 Million
Country: British
BirthDay: 8 September 1925
Sigh: Libra
Died On: July 24, 1980

Peter Sellers was bornon 8 September 1925 in British. One of the greatest comedy legends, Peter Sellers is best remembered for playing the role of ‘Inspector Jacques Clouseau’ in ‘The Pink Panther’. A versatile actor who was capable of portraying multiple characters, Sellers, was perhaps the only one of his kind. A genius from the start, he was described once as “the master of playing men who have no idea how ridiculous they are”, by none other than his biographer, Ed Sikov. Technically, he was perfect, making almost all of his performances impeccable. He was admired for his instant changeability, in terms of character portrayal, over and over again, a trait found in very few actors. In a career spanning three decades, he evolved a lot as an actor, with astounding performances, almost every single time. Sadly, his life behind the screen was not very glorious. He had stints of depression and was a victim of borderline personality disorder. Three out of his four marriages were disastrous and therefore, short-lived. However, he shoved all of his personal issues when it came to his work and gave his best. Unfortunately, his failing health kept on posing threats and he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 54, after succumbing to a massive heart attack. He had survived several heart attacks before, but not the last one. Read about this fascinating personality in the biography below.


$10 Million


Fu Manchu’, released in 1980, in which he played multiple characters for one last time


However, he gave one his most memorable performances with the dark comedy ‘Being There’ in 1979


His last marriage was to Lynne Frederick on 18 February, 1977


With ‘The Return of the Pink Panther’ in 1974, he was successful once again, after a dry spell in the late sixties


On 24 August 1970, he got married for the third time to a twenty-three-year-old model, Miranda Quarry


The couple had a daughter in 1965 before their divorce in 1968


This British actor/comedian who garnered unprecedented fame with the movie ‘The Pink Panther’ was the first man to appear on the cover page of ‘Playboy Magazine’, in April 1964


In 1963, he played the role of a police inspector in the blockbuster ‘The Pink Panther’ and in 1964 he portrayed multiple characters in ‘Dr


He got a chance to display his true potential with the movies ‘I’m All Right, Jack’ and ‘The Mouse That Roared’ in 1959, both of which were well-received


He had two children, Michael (1954) and Sarah (1958)


In 1952 he appeared in ‘Down Among the Z Men’ and landed himself a small role in the 1955 movie ‘The Ladykillers’


In 1951 he, along with comedians Spike Mulligan, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine, worked for ‘The Goon Show’


Sellers developed a passion for comedy early in his life and in 1948 he auditioned for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)


He has been regarded as one of the greatest comedians and was elected the ‘41st Greatest Movie Star’ of all time by ‘Premiere Magazine’

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