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Pete Best

Pete Best’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $2 Million
Industry: Musicians
Residence: Chennai
Country: British
BirthDay: 24 November 1941
Height: 1.78 m

Pete Best was bornon 24 November 1941 in Chennai, British. Pete Best is best-known as the ‘Beatle’ who was suddenly axed from the group just before the band made it big. He was stunned to learn about this but took it all in his stride. Although many claim that his good looks and popularity were to blame, John Lennon attributed the ousting of the artist to his drumming skills which according to him, was neither skillful nor extensive. He was perceived to be a non-conformist who liked his own company and refused to adopt the band’s famous haircut, or share their sense of humor. This remarkable personality then set out on establishing a solo career playing local gigs in his hometown; however, commercial success seemed to be just out of reach. After a number of associations with bands and musical groups, and an unsuccessful suicide attempt, he took a complete break from pursuing a career in music and sought employment in the civil services. He now plays regularly for ‘The Pete Best Band’, a group he formed with his brother; however, his body of work with his own group appears to be largely generic. To learn more about the personality and the achievements of this famous musician, scroll further.


$2 Million


‘Haymans Green’, released in 2008, in which he plays drums and co-wrote all of tracks, is perhaps this artist’s most important solo work


In 1999, the big family home which housed the ‘Casbah’ was opened to the public as a museum and was a huge success when thousands turned up to pay a visit


‘Anthology 1’, which released in 1995, featured some of the best drum work by Pete Best


In 1988, twenty years after he played drums in public, his friends persuaded him to play at the concert at Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel


In 1969, his educational qualification landed him a job with the Garston Jobcentre, where he went on from being an employment officer to a training manager


In 1968, he decided to quit showbiz and he finally landed a job filling a bread factory van with sliced bread


In the summer of 1962, when the Beatles signed their first record deal with EMI—‘Love Me Do’, and their first single, was to be made in a month—Epstein, the manager, was asked to fire Best from their group


In 1961, this drummer worked with the Beatles when they were recruited as a backing band for Tony Sheridan, who was signed under Polydor Records


His skill at playing all four beats in the bar and the huge female fan following convinced McCartney to recruit him for ‘The Beatles’ for the 1960 season of bookings in Hamburg


In 1945, the Best family set sail to Liverpool on the last troop ship to leave India

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