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Paul Kagame

President of Rwanda
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Net worth 2018: $500 Million
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Ruanda-Urundi
Country: Rwandan
BirthDay: 23 October 1957
Sigh: Scorpio
Height: 1.88 m
Education: Ntare Secondary School

Paul Kagame was bornon 23 October 1957 in Ruanda-Urundi, Rwandan, is President of Rwanda. ‘Politico’ Magazine describes him perfectly; he is Paul Kagame, the ‘darling tyrant’. Credited with putting an end to Rwanda’s genocide 20 years ago, Bill Clinton has claimed he is among “the greatest leaders of our time”. Tony Blair has called him a ‘visionary’. Others claim he is Africa’s greatest success story. The Rwandan president’s website boasts of achievements such as increasing educational enrollment rates, significantly improving the economy, and putting the country in a stable, growing position. The political and military mastermind has the western world and international organizations such as the World Bank falling in love and believing he is their best hopes in improving the region. A darker side of this leader, however, has been brought to light. The dictator literally plotted the coup of Rwanda’s government, and succeeded in seizing all power, which continues to this day. After taking power, the genocide continued, only swapping out the offenders. Including the ongoing genocide, Congo Wars, and political assassinations the tyrant is believed to have played a part in the deaths of more than 5 million people since the mid-90s. His crimes against humanity have been ranked with those of Saddam Hussein. Nonetheless, the western world continues to praise the man for taking the nonviable Rwanda and turning it into a land of hope and prosperity.


$500 Million


In 2010, he was overwhelmingly reelected with 93% of the vote


On September 12, 2003 he won by a major landslide in Rwanda’s first multiparty election and was sworn in as the President of the country


From 1996 to 2003, he was central in supporting the First and Second Congo Wars in order to protect Rwanda from Hutu sympathizers


The mass killing of Tutsis and even moderate Hutus by the extremist Hutus during 1994 is considered one of history’s worst and quickest genocides


In October of 1990 the military man took command of the ‘Rwandan Patriotic Front’


In 1989, he married Jeannette Nyiramongi and the two went on to have four children


In 1986, his rebel army of an estimated 14,000 soldiers overthrew Uganda’s government and formed a new one


In 1981, he became a founding soldier for the ‘National Resistance Army’, a rebel group aimed at overthrowing Uganda’s government


Tragedy struck in the early 1970s when he lost his father, resulting in a significant decline in his academic achievements


Paul Kagame was born on October 23rd, 1957 in Rwanda to a Tutsi family with royal ties

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