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Paul Biya

President of Cameroon
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Net worth 2018: $200 Million
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Mvomeka'a
Country: Cameroonian
BirthDay: 13 February 1933
Sigh: Pisces
Education: École nationale d'administration, Sciences Po

Paul Biya was bornon 13 February 1933 in Mvomeka'a, Cameroonian, is President of Cameroon. Paul Biya, often dubbed as Cameroon’s ‘lion man’, is the President of Cameroon since 1982. He is one of the longest-serving leaders in the African continent. The octogenarian has been ruling the West African nation, after his predecessor, Ahmadou Ahidjo, announced his surprise resignation. Even though he was motivated by the Catholic missionaries of his village to become a priest as a child, he chose to educate himself in Paris and return back to join the civil services. Through his perseverance, dedication and hard work, he rose to various ranks and senior positions, eventually becoming the Prime Minister of Cameroon. Thereafter, he became the President but after assuming power as the President, he changed the prevailing methods of governing the nation and administered authoritarian rule. Despite enjoying a decent trade with other nations, he has failed to improve the economic condition of Cameroon, mainly due to his inability to exercise the right power, proper management, and peaceful political change. Today, he is counted among the world’s top 20 worst dictators, along with the head of states of other sub-Saharan African nations, namely, Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea, and Swaziland, by American populist historian David Wallechinsky.


$200 Million


With the 2011 elections, he became the President of Cameroon for the sixth term


In 2009, he was voted at number 19 in the Top 20 list of ‘The World’s Worst Dictators’ by Parade Magazine


Even though violent protests were held to cancel the revision of the Constitution, the National Assembly agreed to make changes in 2008


He is known for ending the dispute over the oil-rich territory of Bakassi Peninsula with his neighbor, Nigeria, by moving to the International Court of Justice and signing the Greentree Agreement with the Nigerian government, in 2006


Despite the opposition parties claiming the elections to be rigged, he won the 2004 presidential elections and was sworn in for the fifth term


The opposition parties, including Fru Ndi, boycotted the 1997 presidential elections alleging them to be fraudulent


The first multiparty elections were conducted in 1992, with the opposition candidate being John Fru Ndi from Social Democratic Front (SDF)


He was re-elected for a second term in the 1988 presidential elections


Under his presidential term, he took major steps to improve the economic condition of Cameroon; however, it started facing economic crisis in 1987, affecting the export of its natural resources, which continued till 1996


Presently, he is also serving as the National President of CPDM, a position he has held since its formation in 1985


He conducted presidential elections in January 1984 and got re-elected as the President


Following two military coup attempts on Biya in August 1983 and April 1984, Ahidjo was arrested and put on trial for his involvement and sentenced to life imprisonment


After the sudden resignation of Ahidjo in 1982, Biya succeeded him as the next President


He was appointed as the Prime Minister of Cameroon by Ahidjo in 1975


Upon his return to Cameroon in 1962, he was appointed in-charge of the Department of Foreign Development Aid, reporting directly to President Ahmadou Ahidjo


Paul Biya was born as Paul Barthelemy Biya’a bi Mvondo on February 13, 1933, in Mvomeka’a village, South Region French Cameroon, in a modest family, to Etienne Mvondo Assam and Anastasie Eyenga Elle

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