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Patti Smith

Patti Smith’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $15 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Country: United States
BirthDay: 30 December 1946
Sigh: Capricorn
Height: 1.73 m

Patti Smith was bornon 30 December 1946 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, American, is Singer. If you are of the belief that rock and roll is only about music and no poetry, and poetry only about verses and no music, you are in for a surprise, for the Godmother of Punk, has redefined poetry and rock and roll and explicitly determined the inter-connection between the two. Surprised maybe handful who have not listened to Patti Smith while the rest specifically know what we are talking about! Patti Smith is one of the pioneers of punk rock music who changed the way female rock stars were looked upon by the world. A trailblazer in her own right, she, with her soulful yet powerful lyrical talent, made the poetic connotations sound sweeter than the notes of guitar in the sphere of rock and roll. It was through her impeccable style and strong talented approach that she transformed the thought processes and dreams of an entire generation. An influential singer-songwriter and musician, she shot to fame with her 1975 released debut album ‘Horses’. Her single, ‘Because the Night’ brought her international acclaim and recognition. Over the years, she has contributed heavily in rock music for which she has been the proud recipient of numerous honors. To know more about her life and profile, read on.


$15 Million


She released her latest album, ‘Banga’ in June 2012


In 2010, she made a cameo appearance in the film, ‘Socialisme’, which was screened at the 2010 Cannes Festival


In 2009, she played an open-air concert in Florence’s Piazza Santa Croce


In 2008, her artwork Land 250 was exhibited in Paris by the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain


In 2006, many of her artistic works were exhibited at Trolley Gallery, London in the exhibition, ‘Sur les Traces’, the proceedings of which she donated to raise awareness for publication of Double Blind


In 2005, she along with members of the Patti Smith Group, re-united for a live performance of their album, ‘Horses’


In 2004, she came up with her subsequent album, ‘Trampin’ under Columbia Records, which was to become the sister label for Arista Records


The album was a tribute to her mother who had passed away in 2002 and thus included songs about motherhood


Post the success of ‘Gone Again’, she came up with her next album in 1997, titled, “Peace and Noise’


Further encouraged by old friends, she set out to take a tour with Bob Dylan in December 1995


The death of her husband in 1994, followed by the deaths of her brother Todd and keyboard player Richard Sohl, propelled her to revive her music career


Though their romantic association ended, they remained friends until the latter’s death in 1989


In between, she came up with the album, ‘Dream of Life’ in 1988 along with her husband


Her fourth album, ‘Wave’, released in 1979, did not repeat the success story of its predecessors


In 1976, the Patti Smith Group released their second album, ‘Radio Ethiopia’


Her 1975 released debut album, ‘Horses’ under the band ‘The Patti Smith Group’ was a major critical and commercial success


Later, in 1974, she formed her own band, The Patti Smith Group and came up with her first ever recorded single, title ‘Piss Factory’


Concentrating on her writing career, she published her first book of poetry in 1972


She gave her first public reading, on February 10, 1971 at St


Following year, she released the book, ‘Just Kids’, which describes Manhattan of the 1970s and highlights her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe


With an aim to become an artist, she moved to New York in 1967


In the fall of 1964, she enrolled at the Glassboro State Teachers College with an intention to become a high school art teacher


Songs ‘1959’ and ‘Glitter in the Eyes’ from the albums received Grammy nomination for her


In 1950, the family moved to Philadelphia and six years later to Woodbury, New Jersey

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