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Osathanugrah Family

Osathanugrah Family’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1.38 Billion
Residence: Bangkok, Thailand
Country: Thailand

Osathanugrah Family was born in Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand. Osathanugrah Family is #1626 in List Billionaires People In The World. The much-anticipated IPO of Thailand's oldest consumer product company, 125-year-old Osotspa, maker of the popular M-150 energy drink, is expected to be one of the largest on the Thai stock exchange. Originally planned for 2016, the offering was put on hold due to a weak market and tighter listing rules but is expected this year. The delay allows the Osathanugrah Family to decide which of nearly 50 companies, besides the drinks business, to include. Meantime, Osotspa's exotic CEO Petch, who shares close to two-thirds of the company with younger brother Ratch and cousin Niti, is preparing to break ground on his contemporary art museum, Sansab. An collector for three decades, he recently bought his first Picasso. Petch also runs the family-founded Bangkok University.


$1.38 Billion

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