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Orson Welles

Actor and Director
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Net worth 2018: $400,000
Residence: Kenosha
Country: United States
BirthDay: 6 May 1915
Sigh: Gemini
Died On: October 10, 1985
Education: School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Todd Seminary for Boys

Orson Welles was bornon 6 May 1915 in Kenosha, American, is Actor and Director. Orson Welles was an American actor, director and writer, who is known for his remarkable contribution to the mediums of theatre, radio and films. Since his father was an alcoholic and mother died early he had a very troubled childhood and had his first sense of belonging at Todd Seminary where he was enrolled at the age of eleven. There he was initiated into the world of drama by his teacher Roger Hill. Soon after passing out he went to United Kingdom and appeared for audition claiming to be a Broadway star. He made his stage debut at the age of sixteen at Dublin and came back to USA at the age of eighteen to start a career in acting in a repertory theatre group. He supplemented his income from the stage with radio shows and gradually became a popular figure both at stage and radio. However, radio remained his favorite till the very end and it was his radio show ‘The War of The World’, which introduced him to Hollywood. Unfortunately, film industry was not kind to him in the beginning. Although he had produced master pieces like ‘Citizen Kane’ at the very start, it took him many years to gain acceptance in Hollywood.


100 Movies list twice; first in 1998 and then in 2007


Welles died in the morning of October 10, 1985 from heart attack


Also from 1970 to 1976 he worked to finish his unfinished project, ‘The Other Side of the Wind’, but could not succeed


In addition, he acted in number of well-known films like ‘Is Paris Burning?’(1966), ‘A Man for All Seasons’ (1966), ‘Casino Royale’ (1967), 'Battle of Neretva' (1969), ’The Kremlin Letter’ (1970), ‘Catch-22’ (1970), ‘Get to Know Your Rabbit’ (1972), ‘F for Fake’ (1973) etc


According to Welles, ‘The Trial’, made in 1962, was his best film


This was followed by ‘Crack in the Mirror’ (1960) and ‘The Tartars'


He returned to Europe in 1959 to co-star in British adventure film ‘Ferry to Hong Kong’


Then in 1958, he wrote, directed and co-starred another crime thriller titled ‘Touch of Evil’


In 1957, he co-starred in ‘Man in the Shadow’, a crime film directed by Jack Arnold


Welles returned to Hollywood in 1956 and in the same year directed a television pilot called ‘The Fountain of Youth’


Arkadin’ (1955) are two more important works of this period


Ultimately it was completed in 1952 and shown at Canes, where it received top billing


He soon saved enough money and in 1948 started filming ‘Othello’, stopping to act when the funds ran low


Although the film (released in 1947) was appreciated in Europe and later was considered a classic, it did not run in the USA then


In 1946, Welles completed ‘The Stranger’ within record time and within budget


Their daughter Rebecca Welles Manning was born in December 1944


In 1943, Welles made two radio series for entertainment of the American soldiers fighting in the World War II


After rejecting the two initial proposals, Welles ultimately made his Hollywood debut in 1941 with ‘Citizen Kane’


However, the marriage ended in a divorce in February 1940 because Virginia came to known that Welles was secretly having an affair with Dolores Del Rio since 1938


Soon offers from Hollywood began to pour in and after some hesitation he signed a contract with RKO Pictures in August, 1939


The couple had a daughter named, Christopher Welles Feder, born in 1938


Later in November 1937, he broke with the organization to establish Mercury Theatre


Finally in December 1936, he made his New York debut as Tybalt in Katherine Cornell’s revised production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’


Orson Wells first married actress Virginia Nicolson on November 14, 1934


Beginning November 1933, Welles toured with them enacting ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘The Barretts of Wimpole Street’ and ‘Candida’


In 1932, he went to London, but could not get the required work permit


Thus Wells made his stage debut in 1931 appearing as the Duke of Württemberg in a stage adaptation of Lion Feuchtwanger’s novel ‘Jew Süss’


As the WPA Federal Theatre Project began in the middle of 1930s Welles joined Houseman to produce a number of innovative productions like ‘Voodoo Macbeth’, ‘Horse Eats Hat’, ‘Doctor Faustus’ etc


In 1927, Welles became a member of the Todd Troupers and began to stage both classical and modern plays


Initially he was admitted to a public school; but later in 1926 he was enrolled at Todd Seminary for Boys


After his mother’s death in 1924 Orson was put under the custody of his alcoholic father


Although they were quite rich in the beginning, his father’s business began to falter soon after his birth and they moved to Chicago in 1919


Orson Welles was born on May 6, 1915 in Kenosha, Wisconsin

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