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Nursultan Nazarbayev

1st President of Kazakhstan
Nursultan Nazarbayev’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1 Billion
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Chemolgan, Kazakh SSR Soviet Union
BirthDay: 6 July 1940
Sigh: Leo

Nursultan Nazarbayev was bornon 6 July 1940 in Chemolgan, Kazakh SSR Soviet Union, Kazakh, Kazakhstani, is 1st President of Kazakhstan. Nursultan Nazarbayev is a political leader and the President of Kazakhstan. Starting his career as a laborer at the Temirtau steel-works in Kazakhstan, he progressed as a technician, economist to finally become an ace metallurgic. His contribution at Karaganda Metallurgical Plant brought him great respect and proved him as a pragmatic leader, loved and respected by all. Beginning his political journey with the participation in the Communist Party of Soviet Union in 1962, he went on to become the secretary of the Kazakhstan Party and finally the President of the Republic, being honored with re-election a number of times. Having ruled Kazakhstan since the independence of the country from the Soviet Union in 1991 along with the inception of the Commonwealth of Independent States, he has been credited for most of the success of Kazakhstan. Being deeply influenced by the democratic set up of the U.S. and other western allies, he made continuous efforts to imbibe similar democratic set up in his country too. Although defamed by many as autocratic and oppressive, his judicious policies and approach has no wonder helped evolve his country into a prosperous and peaceful set up.


$1 Billion


The year 2015 saw Nazarbayev becoming the president again with a majority of 95%


The failure of the referendum led to early elections in 2011 resulting in Nazarbayev’s majority by 95%


He was given the title of the ‘Leader of the Nation’ by the Kazakh parliament in 2010 which also passed a referendum to withdraw the future two term elections thereby declaring Nazarbayev’s presidency till 2020 but the Kazakhstan constitutional court did not accept it


Being re-elected in 2005 by a 90% majority for a seven year term, he was excused from the policy of two-term presidency through a constitutional amendment passed in 2007


Nazarbayev’s term was extended till 2000 through the referendum of 1995


Being struck by an economic adversity, elections were pre-pond in 1999 wherein Nazarbayev was re-elected as the President


With the first elections for the President of the Republic on December 1, 1991, Nazarbayev became the President of the Republic with clear majority


On April 24, 1990 when the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR proposed the post of the President of the Kazakh SSR, Nursultan Nazarbayev was elected as the first President in the history of Kazakhstan


In June 22, 1989, post the transfer of Gennady Kolbin (Congress of People's Deputies) to Moscow, Nazarbayev was elected as first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Kazakh


In 1984 he became the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Kazakh SSR and became the youngest (aged at 44) prime minister of the Union republics in the USSR which he continued till 1989


Nazarbayev became a full time member of the Kazakhstan Politburo in 1979


He progressed exponentially to become the Second Secretary of the Karaganda Regional Party Committee in 1976


Becoming a Secretary of the Party Committee of the native Karaganda Metallurgical Plant in 1972 was a milestone in his career


He went on to earn a degree in metallurgy in 1967 from a technical school of the Karaganda Metallurgical Combine in Kazakhstan and later from the Higher Party School in Moscow in 1976


In 1962, he became a part of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) wherein he devoted his majority time and became the secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the Karaganda Metallurgical Kombinat in 1972


Nazarbeyev was involved in the Kazakhstan Magnitka (the Karaganda Metallurgical Plant) since its inception on July 3, 1960


Nazarbayev was born on 6 July 1940 in Chemolgan, near Almaty (Kazakhstan, U

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