Minnie Driver’s profile picture

Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $200,000
Residence: Marylebone, United Kingdom
Country: British
BirthDay: 31 January 1970
Sigh: Aquarius
Height: 1.78 m

Minnie Driver was bornon 31 January 1970 in Marylebone, United Kingdom, British, is Actress. Actress Minnie Driver became known to the world as the chubby Benny in the movie ‘Circle of Friends’. The multi-talented personality’s interest in music has also made her a popular singer and a song writer. This beauty of British origin entered the entertainment world in 1990 with a small role in a TV series. Her appearance in a deodorant advertisement `Right Guard’, was her first brush with popularity. She realized acting was her vocation after watching Meryl Streep in ‘Sophie’s Choice’. Originally named Amelia Fiona J Driver, she is popularly known by her nickname ‘Minnie’. During her early years, she sang jazz vocals and played guitar for a few extra bucks. Linked romantically to stars John Cusack and Matt Damon, she has seen many relationships. Her much-publicized engagement with actor Josh Broslin eventually ended. She has a son whose father’s name she later revealed as Timothy J Lea. He was a writer for the TV series ‘The Riches’ in which she had starred. She has a home close to the sea to pursue her surfing passion. Her latest song album is ‘Ask Me to Dance’. The popular and talented actress and singer has received many awards and accolades over the course of her brilliant career.


She also acted in the film ‘The Crash’ directed by Aram Rappaport, released in 2017


Minnie Driver appeared in the recently aired ‘About a Boy’ NBC series in 2014-15


She waited for five months after her son Henry Story Drivers’ birth to begin work in the drama film ‘Conviction’ which was released in 2010


In 2004, she released the album ‘Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket’ followed by ‘Seastories’ in 2007


They broke up in October 2001 after claims that Barbra Streisand (Josh’s step-mother) was too interfering


Some of the movies she acted in from 2000 onwards are ‘Return to Me’ followed by `Owning Mahowny’, `Ella Enchanted’, `The Phantom of the Opera’, `Delirious’ and `Take’


Her voice was used in Disney’s `Tarzan’ movie in 1999 and also, as `Lady Eboshi’ in `Princess Mononoke’, a Japanese film dubbed in English


In 1997, Minnie Driver appeared in a major role in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ which also starred Robin Williams, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck


The movie ‘Circle of Friends’ released in 1995, found her many admirers as she played one of the lead roles alongside Chris O’ Donnell


Her career took off in 1991 with a TV commercial ad for ‘Right Guard’ deodorant


The late 1990s saw her appear in a number of hit movies like ‘Hard Rain’ with Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater, ‘The Governess’, and ‘An Ideal Husband’


Minnie Driver (original name Amelia Fiona J Driver) was born in 1970 on January 31 in London, as a result of an affair between millionaire Ronald Driver and designer Gaynor Churchward (née Millington)

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