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Michel Martelly

President of Haiti
Michel Martelly’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $2.6 Million
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Port-au-Prince
Country: Haitians
BirthDay: 12 February 1961
Sigh: Pisces
Education: Red Rocks Community College

Michel Martelly was bornon 12 February 1961 in Port-au-Prince, Haitians, is President of Haiti. Michel Martelly is a Haitian politician, musician, and businessman. He is currently the President of Haiti. Famous by the stage name “Sweet Micky”, Martelly was one of the most popular musicians of Haiti for over a decade. He first achieved recognition for his musical work in the Haitian compas style, a kind of dance music with Creole lyrics. Later in his musical career, Martelly was also briefly a club owner and, during this time, he became involved in Haitian politics. Martelly supported the coup d’etat against Jean-Bertrand Aristide and when four years later Aristide once again assumed presidency, Martelly stayed away from Haiti for almost a year. In 2010, he threw his hat into the ring and won the Haitian presidential election as candidate of the Repons Peyizan (Farmers’ Response Party). Martelly’s election marked the first peaceful transition of power, from one party to another, in Haitian history. Among Martelly’s first priorities as president, he formulated a plan to reinstate the military, which had been banned by Aristide. Martelly also formed a coalition with other world leaders, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton, to support Haiti’s fiscal growth and stability. Later in his administration, Martelly was accused of corruption. Martelly’s leadership has been targeted in some Haitian protests, which have called for his resignation


$2.6 Million


On 17 January 2015, protesters descended on Port-au-Prince to campaign against the dissolution of Parliament and to demand the president’s resignation


In May 2012, Senate elections were postponed until 26 October 2014 and then again, indefinitely


In April 2012, he was accused receiving bribe in lieu of awarding a contract to a Dominican Republic construction company


In September 2011, Martelly teamed with various business executives, bank managers and politicians, including Bill Clinton, to create a plan to jumpstart Haitian economy


In 2010, Martelly ran for the Haitian presidency, making it into the runoff after he contested the first count


In 2007, Martelly moved back to Haiti from Miami, where he had been living with his family


With the 2004 coup d’etat, Gerard Latortue became Prime Minister; he was a friend of Martelly


In 1997, Martelly participated in various forms of social activism and aid, including participating on an educational music video program aimed to combat AIDS, called ‘Knowledge is Power’, and forming the Foundation Rose et Blanc, to fight poverty in Haiti


In 1995, following Aristide’s reinstatement as President, Martelly’s name appeared on a “hit list” of known Aristide opponents; the threat prompted him to remain abroad on tour for almost a full year


In 1992, Martelly played at a protest against the arrival of the UN representative who was meant to orchestrate Aristide’s return to power in Haiti


In 1991, following the Haitian coup d’etat, Martelly continued playing in Port-au-Prince suburbs such as Petonville and Kenscoff, gaining many supporters for his music among the coup’s proponents


Between 1988 and 2008, he released fourteen studio albums and some live CDs, all under the name Sweet Micky


In 1987, Martelly married his then-girlfriend, Sophia Saint-Remy, in Miami, Florida


In 1986, having completed just one semester of university, he returned to Haiti for one year, around the time of President Jean-Claude Duvalier’s exile


In 1984, Martelly moved to Miami, Florida, where he attended college and worked in construction


Michel Martelly was born on 12 February 1961 born in Port-au-Prince, to a middle-class family

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