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Mia Farrow

Actress, Human Rights Activist
Mia Farrow’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $60 Million
Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States
Country: United States
BirthDay: 9 February 1945
Sigh: Pisces
Height: 1.62 m

Mia Farrow was bornon 9 February 1945 in Los Angeles, California, United States, American, is Actress, Human Rights Activist. Mia Farrow is a famous American actress, social worker, former model and human rights activist. She became a household name as Allison MacKenzie through the night time soap opera ‘Peyton Place’. The role of Rosemary in Roman Polanski's ‘Rosemary's Baby’ in the 1968 film established her career in acting. After getting nominated at BAFTA and the Golden Globe awards under the best actress category, she further appeared in many lead roles and exhibited her acting skills through films and theatre. Farrow has worked in over 50 films winning the hearts of audience and critics through several engaging performances. She was in a relationship with film director, Woody Allen, and both worked together on many films with Farrow in the lead role. But the major of focus of Farrow’s life is on her work as a social activist especially in the region of Darfur in Africa. She is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has contributed for the progress of the Darfur tribe. She has worked for child, woman and human rights with appearances in many documentaries about the problems being faced by people in Africa. Due to her noble work for mankind, Time magazine named her one of the most influential people in the world in 2008.


$60 Million


The Broadway play ‘Love Letters’ saw Farrow’s comeback to theatre in September 2014


In 2011, she was a part of the film ‘Dark Horse’ directed by Todd Solondz


In the 2008 film ‘Be Kind Rewind’, directed by Michel Gondry, Farrow worked with Jack Black, MosDef and Danny Glover


In 2007, she was seen in the films ‘The Ex’ and ‘Arthur and the Invisibles’


Baylock in the remake of the 2006 film ‘The Omen’brought Farrow a lot of critical appreciation


In 1997, Mia Farrow launched her autobiography ‘What Falls Away’


Farrow adopted five more children-Tam Farrow, Kaeli-Shea Farrow, Frankie-Minh, Isaiah Justus and Thaddeus Wilk Farrow between 1992 and 1995


In order to focus her time and attention towards her growing children, Farrow reduced the number of projects in 1990s and 2000s but she kept playing strong roles in films like ‘Widows' Peak’ in 1994, ‘Miami Rhapsody’ and ‘Reckless’, both in 1995


Farrow had a son, Allen Satchel O'Sullivan Farrow, also known as Ronan Farrow, with Woody on 19th December, 1987


Farrow adopted Dylan Farrow two weeks after the birth in 1985 when she was in a relationship with Woody Allen


Farrow was seen as Alura, the mother of Kara in the film ‘Supergirl’ in 1984


In 1982, Farrow voiced for the animated film ‘The Last Unicorn’


In 1980s and 1990s, Farrow appeared in most of Woody Allen’s films like ‘Zelig’,‘Broadway Danny Rose’, ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’, ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’, ‘Radio Days’ and ‘Alice’


Farrow began a relationship with director Woody Allen in 1979 which ended in 1992 due to Allen’s relationship with Farrow’s 21-year-old adopted daughter, Soon-Yi


In 1973, André Previn and Farrow adopted Lark Song Previn and Summer Daisy Song Previn in 1976


Farrow was seen in films like ‘See No Evil’ in 1971, ‘Docteur Popaul’ in 1972, ‘The Great Gatsby’ in 1974, ‘The Haunting of Julia’ in 1977 and Robert Altman's ‘A Wedding’ in 1978


Farrow worked for some television films during 1970s like the famous ‘Peter Pan’ (musical version) in 1976, playing the lead role


Farrow visited India in February 1968 and spent some time to learn Transcendental Meditation at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


Farrow married singer Frank Sinatra on 19thJuly, 1966 at the age of 21 while Sinatra was 51


She became famous for portraying the character ‘Allison MacKenzie’ in the 1964 soap opera ‘Peyton Place’ where she was seen for two years


Farrow began a serious career in acting with theatre in ‘The Importance of Earnest’, a Broadway production in 1963


Another film during 1960s featuring Farrow was ‘John and Mary’ in which she was cast opposite Dustin Hoffman


In 1959, she played a small role in ‘John Paul Jones


Farrow’s elder brother Michael died in 1958 while taking flying lessons when the plane crashed


Farrow’s first film was a documentary ‘Unusual Occupations: Film Tot Holiday’ when she was just two years old in 1947


Mia Farrow was born María de Lourdes Villiers Farrow on 9th February, 1945, in Los Angeles, California, USA

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