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Menachem Begin

Former Prime Minister of Israel
Menachem Begin’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $850,000
Industry: Prime Ministers
Residence: Brest
Country: Israeli
BirthDay: 16 August 1913
Sigh: Virgo
Died On: March 9, 1992
Education: 1935 - University of Warsaw

Menachem Begin was bornon 16 August 1913 in Brest, Israeli, is Former Prime Minister of Israel. As the young son of active Zionists in the early twentieth century Poland (then Tsarist Russia), Menachem Begin focused early-on on his life’s central objective. As a law student, he participated actively in groups to further the Jewish cause in the eyes of the world and to defend against the pervasive discrimination toward Jews that prevailed throughout Europe. During his life, Begin encountered and survived severe persecution from groups that included the Nazis of Germany, Communists of the Soviet Union and Islamic foes of the Middle East. Overcoming incredible obstacles, he eventually became a major player on the world stage. At times, he needed to be a peacemaker. At other times he needed to be a ruthless war maker. But almost from birth to his death, his tenacious dedication to the survival of his dream, the free Jewish State of Israel, was his driving passion. Depending on one’s point of view, he has been glorified as a hero and vilified as a demon. All of Begin’s actions as a Jewish leader were driven strictly by his lifelong resolve and he never wavered in his mission. Twenty-three years after his death, Menachem Begin was named the fourth most important person in Israel’s history.


During his term of office until his retirement in 1982, Prime Minister Begin adamantly opposed the establishment of a neighboring Palestinian state


In 1981, Begin ordered a severe military response on the ‘Palestinian Liberation Organization’ (PLO), then operating in Lebanon


As a result of their landmark negotiations, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat jointly received the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ in 1978


‘White Nights’, is a story of his imprisonment in Russia depicting the hopelessness and separation of incarceration in such a remote location, was published in 1957


He joined the ‘National Unity Party’ in 1956 whose goal was to form a unified political focus for defending the security of Israel


His book ‘The Revolt’, written in 1951, is a recount of the struggle against the British and the development of an independent Jewish state prior to the establishment of Israel


In 1948, when Israel became a nation, he led the so-called ‘Freedom or Herut Party’, which slowly gained popularity in Israel


In 1943, he became commander of ‘Irgun Zvai Loumi’ party


Starting in 1942, Begin and his compatriots dedicated led numerous raids and terrorist attacks on the ruling British and Palestinians throughout Palestine


In 1941, he joined a Polish exile group which traveled to British-ruled Palestine to continue their work toward establishing an independent Jewish state


In 1940, Menachem escaped the Nazis but was soon captured and held by the Soviets


By 1938, at age 25, he was named the leader of the organization, a position considered to be one of the most important Jewish positions in pre-Nazi European


In 1928, Begin joined the ‘Polish Zionist Betar Youth Group’


This famous politician delivered his first political speech in 1923 at the age of thirteen


Born August 16, 1913, in Brisk, now Brest-Litovsk, then of Tsarist Russia (now Belarus), Menachem was the youngest of three children

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