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Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor

Holy Roman Emperor
Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: Under Review
Residence: Wiener Neustadt
BirthDay: 22 March 1459
Sigh: Aries
Died On: January 12, 1519

Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor was bornon 22 March 1459 in Wiener Neustadt, , is Holy Roman Emperor. Maximilian I was the King of Romans who served as the Holy Roman Emperor from 1508 until his death in 1519. He was the first to be the Elected Roman Emperor and not crowned, as the journey to Rome proved to be a risky affair. As the King of Romans, Maximilian was responsible for predominantly adding vast lands to the traditional Austrian holdings, through war and marriages. While he secured Netherlands by his own marriage, Hungary and Bohemia became a part of his empire through military pressure and treaty. Furthermore, he made his presence felt in Spain by acquiring the Spanish empire through betrothal of his children. Maximilian spent the major part of his life waging war against the French. He attained fame for playing a major role in reorganization of institutions, thus establishing a more active imperial judiciary and regional governing mechanisms, among other modifications. He was succeeded by his grandson, Charles V who took over the vast Habsburg realm and the imperial crown


He breathed his last on January 12, 1519, at Wels in Upper Austria


In 1501, he met with an accident by falling from his horse


Though he jointly ruled with his father for a decade since 1483, his appointment in 1493 made him execute his plans to expand the House of Habsburg significantly


Maximilian married Mary of Burgundy on August 16, 1477


Maximilian was born on March 22, 1459, at Wiener Neustadt, to Frederick III, Holy Roman Empire and Eleanor of Portugal

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