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Mary Jo Buttafuoco

Author, Motivational Speaker
Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $35 Million
Industry: Miscellaneous
Residence: United States of America
Country: United States
BirthDay: 15 May 1955
Sigh: Gemini

Mary Jo Buttafuoco was bornon 15 May 1955 in United States of America, American, is Author, Motivational Speaker. Mary Jo Buttafuoco is an American actress-turned-author and motivational orator. She was shot in her face by the teenage mistress of her husband and the incident turned her world upside down. The former actress has worked in a film titled, ‘Beat Boys, Beat Girls’ and in a couple of TV shows, namely ‘Howard Stern on Demand’ & ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew’. Years after being shot in her face, Mary chronicled her journey of survival in her book, ‘Getting It Through My Thick Skull’. The incident made it to every other tabloid and newspaper so much so that many filmmakers took interest in the subject. A documentary made under the production house Tent City Entertainment, narrates her life story. Mary has undergone numerous surgeries and her survival instinct has eventually become an inspiration to many. She has also started to deliver motivational speeches where she shares her learning from the experience of her excruciating journey.


$35 Million

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