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Mark Rothko

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Net worth 2018: $88 Million
Industry: Painters
Residence: Daugavpils, Latvia
Country: United States
BirthDay: 25 September 1903
Sigh: Libra
Died On: February 25, 1970
Education: 1921-06 - Lincoln High School, Yale University

Mark Rothko was bornon 25 September 1903 in Daugavpils, Latvia, American, is Painter. There are many painters and artists who emerged after the World War II but Mark Rothko was undoubtedly one of the most highly-regarded painters to emerge from the New York art scene. A bright student at school he soon won a scholarship at Yale University. However the Yale community did not impress him much and he dropped out of College to discover the city of New York. Discovering the artistic society of New York he finally found his niche and likeminded people who inspired him to paint. Working with several eminent artists and teaching some of the most artistic young minds, he developed a style of his own. Rothko, slowly moved away from representational art and started thinking of art as a medium of expressing the emotional and religious experiences. From surrealism to the much noted ‘multi-form’, his art took various forms and shapes. The latter slowly transcended into large rectangular fields of colour which eventually became his trademark. A key figure in modern 20th century painting, Rothko lived his life as a celebrity and he justified his reputation as a tortured artist by slashing his own arms and bleeding to death. Scroll further for more interesting information on this personality


$88 Million


’Rothko Chapel’ was his most celebrated work which opened in 1971, by when Rothko had passed away


In 1960s the ‘Rothko Chapel’ came into existence in Houston, Texas


In the 1950s he visited Europe with his wife and had one-man shows in galleries in Amsterdam and also Japan


In 1949, his essay called ‘The Romantics were prompted’ was published which was a gentle justification of his artistes inspiration from the mythological figures


In 1945, he did a one man show at Guggenheim's ‘The Art of This Century Gallery’ where he displayed his masterpiece ‘Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea’


In 1942, he revived his art by being inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's ‘The Birth of Tragedy’


It was 1940, that he stopped painting for a while and focused on reading the works of James Frazer and Sigmund Freud


In 1935, he associated with Ilya Bolotowsky and many others to protest for the equal rights of the Artists


Finally in 1933, he displayed his first show at the ‘Portland Art Museum’ consisting of his drawings


With a little amount of success coming his way, he started teaching painting and clay sculpture at the ‘Center Academ’ in the year 1929


Viewing art as a tool of emotional expression, his first exhibit of work was with a group of young artists at the ‘Opportunity Gallery’ in 1928


In 1923, Rothko moved to New York finding work in the garment district


He passed out with honours from ‘Lincoln High School’ in Portland in 1921


The family later reunited in Portland in 1913 but soon after Jacob Rothkowitz passed away leaving the family in an economic crisis


Born on September 25, 1903 in Dvinsk, in the Russian Empire, Rothko was the son of Jacob (Yakov) Rothkowitz, a pharmacist and was the youngest of four siblings

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