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Margaret Thatcher

Only Woman Prime Minister of United Kingdom
Margaret Thatcher’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1 Million
Industry: Prime Ministers
Residence: Grantham
Country: British
BirthDay: 13 October 1925
Sigh: Scorpio
Died On: April 8, 2013
Education: Huntingtower Road Primary SchoolKe, steven and Grantham Girls' School, Somerville College Oxford

Margaret Thatcher was bornon 13 October 1925 in Grantham, British, is Only Woman Prime Minister of United Kingdom. ‘I fight on, I fight to win’ asserted Britain’s first female Prime Minister and leader of the British Conservative Party; and win she did. She won three consecutive terms of office in two decades and became the only British Prime Minister in the twentieth century to do so. One of the most influential Prime Ministers of Britain, she was also the most debated stateswomen of the century, earning both respect and hatred from the public, particularly for her treatment of trade unions. She transformed the Conservative Party from just another participant in the lowest common denominator politics of Britain into a national champion. She earned the nickname ‘Iron Lady’ because of her leadership style and radical ideologies, which came to be known as ‘Thatcherism’. Her journey from a humble grocer’s daughter to Secretary of State for Education and Science was one of steely perseverance. Following her appointment as Prime Minister, she introduced a new wave of economic initiatives to reverse what she perceived as a national decline. Margaret Thatcher was a woman of staunch values and brought about radical changes even though her ideas were under siege. She strode British politics with great astuteness and had the knack of making the most of opportunities, a trait which made her the most admired, yet controversial leader of the UK.


On December 21, 2012, she underwent an operation to remove a non-cancerous growth from her bladder


This famous personality was portrayed by Oscar-winning actress, Meryl Streep in the 2011 film, ‘The Iron Lady’


President Ronald Reagan and was deeply saddened by his demise on June 11, 2004


Sir Dennis Thatcher passed away due to pancreatic cancer on June 26, 2003, after which Margaret became a recluse, avoiding public appearances


She married Sir Dennis Thatcher in December 1951 and the couple had twins; Carol Thatcher and Mark Thatcher


She graduated with second-class honors and earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1947 and moved to Essex to work as a chemist for BX Plastics


In 1946, she attended Oxford College and became the President of the Oxford University Conservative Association in 1946, where she came to be inspired by the political works of Freidrich von Hayek; an influence that evident in all her reforms and policies


He became the Mayor of Grantham in 1945 but lost his position as alderman in 1952, when the Labor Party came into power


She won a scholarship to Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, where she was head girl for the academic year 1942-1943


Margaret Thatcher, nee Margaret Hilda Roberts, was born on 13 October 1925, in Grantham to Alfred Roberts, a grocer, preacher and local mayor, and Beatrice Ethel

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