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Lu Jonathan

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Net worth 2018: $1.1 Billion
Industry: Technology
Residence: Hangzhou, China
Country: China

Lu Jonathan was born in Hangzhou, China, China. Lu Jonathan is #1898 in List Billionaires People In The World. Jonathan Lu has held numerous posts in the Alibaba Group over the years, most recently vice chairman. Before joining Alibaba Group, Jonathan was co-founder of a network communications company. He holds a graduate certificate in hotel management from Guangzhou University and an MBA from China Europe International Business School.


$1.1 Billion


$1.1 Billion


He was out and on parole shortly before his 18th birthday, and took a job as a parts man for Mack Trucks


Released January 2016,on Emerald and Doreen Records (Germany)(Don't Be Afraid) MOVE


International Radio Personality Of The Year Award 2015International Radio Personality Of The Year Award 20172012 Spontaneous self spoken voice tracks in-between all songs on Grand Duchy (band) album “Let The People Speak” by Black Francis of the Pixies and wife Violet Clark


From 2011 to 2014 he spent the better part of three years going to school three nights a week to learn the German language


That was followed in December 2010 by German internet station KING FM also wanted Lopsided World Of L which was followed by Phoenix, Arizona's KWSS FM 93


After a visit to Berlin in September 2009 to meet her in person he decided he knew what his future would be


Back in 2007 when he was doing the show live on 98 KUPD FM in Phoenix the radio station starting streaming anywhere in the world


He and Gaby at first were just pen pals meeting on Myspace in 2005


In addition to his work on terrestrial radio, Jonathan L has also hosted several Internet radio shows, including a two-hour special for WOXY in Cincinnati in 2003, which included an on-air phone call from Jonathan L’s close friend, music legend Ronnie Spector


After more than six and a half years, Rosen left the Network Magazine Group in 2002 to launch his own independent record promotion company which he operated until 2005


In 2001, Jonathan L appeared on MTV2 in a 23-minute video feature about German rock group Rammstein


In 2000, Jonathan L hosted and programmed the weekly Sunday afternoon show “Pleasantly Annoying” for Hollywood, California-based SpikeRadio


In 1999, Jonathan was given Vice President stripes as SFX (and later Clear Channel) bought the Album Network and all its properties


By the late ‘90s, Jonathan L was considered a national go-to guy for alternative radio, and in a 1996 interview with New York Now, he rightly predicted “more British and rhythm-driven music shaking up the mid-90s cabal of American-born alterna-rock bands


In the fall of 1995, Rosen left Phoenix (and radio) to accept an opportunity to become senior editor of the long time, now defunct, music industry trade publication the Album Network


” He once again returned to KUKQ from mid-1994 to mid-1995 to run the station in its wildest punk rock form


After a short stint there, he returned to KUKQ to retake over the helm as program director and again did his show "Virgin Vinyl" until he left in 1993 to join Phoenix station KDKB, where he did his award-winning "Virgin Vinyl" until 1995


He left KUKQ in 1992 to work for station KFMA in Wickenburg, Arizona


Jonathan L appeared on A Current Affair with Maury Povich in 1991, where he interviewed One Foot In The Grave, “the world’s oldest punk rock band,” a group from Sun City, Arizona with members all over the age of 60


Subsequent KUKQ festivals (there were two each year) included artists like Social Distortion and The Meat Puppets (1990), Mojo Nixon and Dead Milkmen (1990), and Rollins Band and The Sugarcubes (1992)


In 1989, Jonathan L organized one of the first large-scale radio festivals in the United States, for KUKQ


In 1988, Jonathan L was hired by Phoenix rock station 98 KUPD, where he hosted "Virgin Vinyl" on Sunday nights until 1992


” In 1986, they wrote of “Virgin Vinyl”: “When this colorful Sunday night waxfest was imported from Tucson this year, it slapped the lethargic Phoenix radio market right in the face


Jonathan L's radio career began in March, 1982 in Tucson, Arizona at 96 Rock KLPX with his creation, "Virgin Vinyl


While on a summer hiatus in 1978 in New York City, Jonathan L was the editor for two issues of Drugs & Paraphernalia Digest, with the former publisher of High Times magazine


Begun in 1974, Newsreal’s circulation reached 20,000 before the publication folded in 1985


In 1973, Jonathan L left New York and headed for Berkeley, California


Jonathan Leigh Rosen (born December 5, 1946 in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York), better known by his radio handle Jonathan L, is an American radio deejay, programmer, and entertainment media publisher


5 New Zealand, Firebrand Radio Manchester, England, Nusakan Radio, Birmingham, England, KFMA Rock1021 FM Tucson, Arizona, and Radio Lantau Hong Kong joined in bringing the award-winning show to listeners all around the world on various continents

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